I would like to do a piece on my blog, Releasing Religion, regarding mixing God & government.  And I'd like to know what opinions people have here about doing such a thing.  Some points to mention are:

Glenn Beck is well known for arguing that we have misunderstood that founding fathers & their desire to keep church & state separate.  Holding his rally on 8/28, he gathered 150.000 people to hear him talk about bringing out country "back to God".  What do you think it would do to our country to "get back to God"? 

The Tea Party has been called racist Chrisotcrats. In their recent convention, most conference sessions began with prayers.  What do you think of the Tea Party?  Do you know very little about them?  Do you know a lot?  Please share your thoughts here.

The piece will be posted on www.releasingreligion.blogspot.com

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Now for a little musical interlude.
What Exit Polls Say about the Tea Party
I just want to thank everyone for sharing their views on this subject. My blog has been posted. You can view it HERE. Feel free to leave comments. There was SO much information I gathered that I will be exploring this subject more in the future. So in this entry I really just focus on health care and faith-based candidates. If anyone feels like they have more to say on the matter, contradictory to my thoughts or not, just let me know and I will post what you write up on my blog. I love diverse views.
I commented but it never showed up.

I said I thought the blog article was very well written. Bravo!
Yes, nice article, Maia.
I shared it on Facebook.
Thanks, guys. I feel like I could have written something 4 times as long. There were so many points you all touched on. Maybe in a part II or a part III. In the meantime, I'll keep following Tea Party news to see how they're developing.
Something to understand and explain is why the Tea Party polled 40% positive on exit interviews from the recent election.

In a CNN poll the Tea Party movement scored much higher favorable ratings than the Republican Party, with 41% support and only 31% opposition. Roughly the same percentage of Republicans expressed support for the Tea Party (87%) as Democrats declared opposition (86%).

Supporters of the fledgling conservative tea party movement supplied about 2 of every 3 Republican votes while women, independents, suburbanites and white Catholics fled toward Republican House candidates, according to a national exit poll of voters.

The AP reported for Democrats running the White House and Congress at a time of near 10 percent unemployment and rampant home foreclosures, the majority party was the target of widespread sourness over the country's No. 1 issue. Nearly 9 in 10 called the economy bad and expressed worry over the coming year, and 4 in 10 said their personal finances had grown worse under President Barack Obama. All of those people leaned strongly Republican.

"I'm worried about it stagnating and not getting better," Stephen Skavlem, 45, a Cincinnati Republican, said of the economy. "I blame the Democrats in Washington. I feel they got the keys to the castle, they couldn't reach a consensus and didn't get a lot done."

Overall, about 4 in 10 want to continue the tax cuts approved under President George W. Bush, including reductions for people earning at least $250,000 annually. The results are from a survey that Edison

Research conducted for The Associated Press and television networks with 18,132 voters nationwide. This included interviews with 16,531 voters Tuesday in a random sample of 268 precincts nationally. In addition, landline and cellular telephone interviews were conducted Oct. 22 to 31 with 1,601 people who voted early or absentee. There is a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 1 percentage point for the entire sample, higher for subgroups.
Any predictions for the future of the TP? Does their flourishing depend on the Democratic Party in the next two years? Will they vanish into the GOP?
Hey Maia, I enjoyed your blog post. Nice job pulling that together.

I'm pretty sure the TP will begin to fade away just like all other fads. The closest analogy that comes to mind is the "Pet Rocks" of the 70's. How long will it take? I suspect the wheels will start wobbling and fall off as soon as they actually have to govern. Ideologies don't last long when you actually have to make real life decisions.

I'm hoping that this party will be over by the 2012 election season, but we'll see. Some fads hang on longer than they should.
Referring to it as the "TP"?
Ought to let Maher or Stewart use that.
Easily sophomoric.
Interesting, Larry. Do you think that the TP will leave any lasting effects? Has every party in our country moved further to the conservative right like I'm hearing?

I am rooting for Obama, hoping that he can battle against a media that is obviously against him. I don't think he's a perfect president, but I think a lot of what he's accomplished has been very good for our country. I just wish people would lay off of him and let him lead.




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