I would like to do a piece on my blog, Releasing Religion, regarding mixing God & government.  And I'd like to know what opinions people have here about doing such a thing.  Some points to mention are:

Glenn Beck is well known for arguing that we have misunderstood that founding fathers & their desire to keep church & state separate.  Holding his rally on 8/28, he gathered 150.000 people to hear him talk about bringing out country "back to God".  What do you think it would do to our country to "get back to God"? 

The Tea Party has been called racist Chrisotcrats. In their recent convention, most conference sessions began with prayers.  What do you think of the Tea Party?  Do you know very little about them?  Do you know a lot?  Please share your thoughts here.

The piece will be posted on www.releasingreligion.blogspot.com

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"Taxing the rich hmmm, I don't see what good that will do. "

First, it's not "Taxing the Rich". Let's remember that they got a tax cut - we all did, ten years ago. This is not "taxing the rich". It's a return to the same tax rates that had been in existence back in the day when the budget was relatively balanced.

Well whatever, I don't know much about it. Just that Neal Boortz talks about it a lot and he seems pretty intelligent to me even though he does piss me off sometimes. I'm listening to him right now. He's a Libertarian.
Linda, if you don't know much about it, why do you have such firm opinions about it? If you don't know how economics works, why would you just take somebody's word for it? You should be able to figure out that in an economy where nobody wants to risk their money in job-creating investments, wealthy people have more money to not risk. By lowering their taxes, they have even more money to not risk. By raising their taxes and putting it to use building infrastructure and hiring people who will need to buy things, the government can create the demand the economy needs to reduce the risk of private sector job-creation. This is precisely what Roosevelt did to get us out of the Great Depression. It worked. Only partisan libertarian hacks think it didn't work.
If you don't know how economics works, why would you just take somebody's word for it?

Hi Jason - I missed your post somehow and just now came across it while I was looking for something else.

I really don't understand a lot about how economics work. Very basic knowlege in fact. Supply and demand - that's about it. The reason I have been taking someone else's word for it is because are not all the sources of learning someone else's words?

So to me it seems logical to align yourself with a spokes-person who you can identify yourself with.

I'll give you that perhaps if I would read up on the subject in instead of listening to talk radio and watching CNN and Fox news and surfing on the web, I might bump into something that causes me to give pause.

Yes, Roosevelt got us out of the depression and is the reason my grandparents were loyal Democrats and I am sure they would not have been surprised to find Roosevelt sitting to the left of God when they entered through the pearly gates. I don't believe in heaven but you know what I mean I hope. I'm just making a point. Sheesh, some people get so literal sometimes (not you).

But I look at the way things are going in the world today - riots in Greece and France - European bail out of Greece, gas prices going to almost $5 for a bit, stock market melt down out of the blue with no satisfactory explanation - I think that happened one day in the early summer? - not sure. Let's see, what else....
46 banks have closed down in GA since 2008, or maybe it was 76 banks (can't recall for sure - heard it on the news on the radio the other day), the young in the country being totally bombarded with the message that how sexy you look is all that really matters anymore, banking institutions not following sound lending practices causing the nationwide housing melt down and financial crisis (Clinton the Democrat got that ball rolling from what I understand) - empty houses all over my subdivision, I'm the only white face at the local grocery store - nothing wrong with that I know but it is a little intimidating sometimes - I do feel a little hostility sometimes from non-whites - not much but I get white hostility too come to think of it - the other day..never mind lol, anyway to continue... dry runs - fighter jets escorting 747's into New York JFK - people being on the dry run vehicles being checked for RADIOLOGICAL residue, explosives intercepted - from Yemen - Saudi's are the ones who alerted us (they want that oil money - not going there), gay children killing themselves, bullying in the schools is horrible - I talked to a kid about this a couple weeks ago and I told them it was not like that when I was in school - yes I got bullied a little now and then but holy smokes - I could not believe what this kid was telling me (well the kid was 19 years old - but a kid to me for sure lol - I'm almost 50), a close family member was laid off a couple months ago and is so depressed they can barely get off the couch for any reason other than eating and pissing, and I look at the way things are going in the world and I am just completely fucking overwhelmed with bewilderment.

When you think that the wrold is 4.5 billion years old what is this? It's been what? 150 years since the industrial revolution - it's seems like the industrial revolution led to great things for a few humans but for the majority of the humans on the planet - its the same old suffering shit day in day - out. Oh and don't forget "the bomb". The industrial revolution led to the creation of the nuke - the nuke - there you go - we now have the capability to destory the planet and every one on it. Gosh I can't get that South Park episode out of my head. I feel like we all exist in a continuing state of denial but only because that is our only choice.

THIS 150 years is a flash in the pan, a miniscule streak in the night sky of billions of oblivious star systems. What was before? War war war. What was during? War war war. What is now? War war war. What is our hope? Not God. We are atheists.

What is the point other than the mental masturbation I am participaing in at this very moment and whatever other distractions of pleasure I can partake in the course of may days. I mean, sure it's great - walking the dogs - glorying in the beauty of the pinkish glow of the pre-dusk late October lighting. I guess this is the point. Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we shall die. Sound good to me.

I calmly sat back folded my hands together to allow more thoughts but then decided I have gone on long enough.

Sorry for the rant.
Linda, it's true that most of our learning comes from other people, but we should be discriminating in our sources. Not all of our teachers are on the same page or have the same noble intentions. Getting one's economics lessons from Fox News is likely a disaster. Rupert Murdoch does not want you to know how the economy works. He just wants you to be afraid so you can be controlled.

Thus the laundry list of fears you presented in your rant. Yes, it can be overwhelming, particularly if you let "the news" skew your perceptions of how common bad news is. It's really not that common, but if it's not bad news, it's not considered news, for the most part. If it's routine, it's certainly not considered news, by definition. So when things are going OK for most people most of the time, that's not news. With the constant bombardment of sensationalist news from the ubiquitous news outlets, you have to work pretty hard just to remember that normalcy is everywhere. And it's not just Fox News I'm talking about here. All news organizations emphasize bad news.

It's also true that for most of human history, almost everybody was grindingly poor. There are a lot more people now, and most of them are grindingly poor, but something like 20% of humanity is relatively affluent, by historical standards. That used to be limited to the families of monarchs. Yes, there are still wars and great human misery abounds, but going from less than 1% of humanity having a decent life to around 20% is a huge accomplishment. I'm not suggesting a Pollyanna attitude is in order, but dwelling on the negative isn't helpful either.
Wish i could side with you on McVeigh, Jason but, his motivation had nothing to do with Christianity. He was simply anti-government.

Lina, what exactly is your fear if democrats "get there way" all you say is that you fear for your children but, that doesn't tell what it is that you fear. As for taxing the rich. Most of those rich are idle rich and have no interest in stimulating the economy. We aren't talking about people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett.
Susan, that's what Jason wrote: Bin Laden and Co think they have legitimate grievances against the US government. So did McVeigh.

Nowhere did he say that McVeigh was motivated by his religious beliefs, only that public opinion didn't single out his religious beliefs as a direct cause for his actions (as they did with Bin Laden.)
Sorry, I honed in on the houses of worship issue. You're guys are right of course.
Lina, what exactly is your fear if democrats "get there way" all you say is that you fear for your children but, that doesn't tell what it is that you fear.

@ Susan - I really don't understand how I missed these posts. I need to change the way I monitor the thread. It's just that so many posts flooded in all at once and it was difficult to keep up. I tried but I think I have thought out a better way to do it so hopefully no more problems in missing posts in the future. BTW I have dial-up and it totally SUCKS - yes I am a neanderthal cyber woman.

I fear that my children's lives will not have the same or better quality than my life did.

But anyhow, some people have been giving me some information that I had not seen before and I am changing the way I think. So anything I said yesterday I probably will not ever say exactly the same way again.

And you nice very smart people who have been helping me see things in a new light, I thank you and appreciate the time and trouble you took to help me out.
Ouch, dial-up. Maybe we can get dial-up classified as a disease, and amend the Affordable Care Act to get everybody on broadband.

As to whether the next generation will have it better than mine, I'm concerned too. It's just that I'm more worried about corporate feudalism making us poor than socialism making us poor.
Ouch, dial-up. Maybe we can get dial-up classified as a disease, and amend the Affordable Care Act to get everybody on broadband.

@ Jason - LOL - Yep! Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind. My thought = I will not stand to be treated as a second class citizen with only dial-up access! I demand a dial-up subsidy. If you want my vote - hook me up to wireless - now God Damnit! LOL

Hmmm, corporate feudalism. That sounds like it would make a very interesting new thread.
"As to Christian preachers condemming McVeigh - wasn't it just a given or "understood" that no Christians agreed with him (well except for the lunatic fringies maybe)."

Linda, don't you think this is basically what the non-radical Muslims are thinking? "We didn't kill anybody. Radicals did. Why should we apologize on their behalf?"
You might find this interesting: how other countries (namely Pakistan, Germany, China, France and the Hispanosphere) see the Tea Party movement.




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