why hasn't this happened sooner?  much like the LGBT community, we have friends, coworkers, and family who don't know who we really are and that they know someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural.  once more people know that a person who they accept into their circle is a non-believer they won't judge atheists the way many currently do.  

let's make a commitment to inform one person every Monday that you're an atheist.  maybe on a national level, American Atheists or the Freedom from Religion Foundation could make it an annual day.  i'm thinking Darwin's birthday but i'm open.  and being open is the point.  there's little reason to hide anymore.  "the nones", of which we're a bigger part than tends to be reported, are up to 20% of the population in the U.S.  let's make sure people know they already accept atheists.  they just don't know it yet.  

on a community A/N level, let's make a club.  tell someone you know that doesn't know your beliefs that you're an atheist.  on a larger scale, let's reach out to national atheist groups and see if this isn't something that they would be interested in - a national Tell Someone New You're An Atheist Day!

what say you?  who's with me?

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I'm with you Matt but... the only person who doesn't know I'm atheist is the woman who cuts my hair.
I can't lose her. Do you know how hard it is to get a good haircut here?

really?  good for you!  i know dozens and dozens who don't know.  and i'm open.  it's just, they have no reason to know one way or the other.  it's not like it's part of my introduction, lol.  

Gays and lesbians did it, and won over the opposition to same-sex marriage.

We can do it and ... damn, I was about to write "win election to office". Who in their right mind wants that?

Seriously, Matthew, a few hours ago I found myself in the company of a Republican I know and, during a long chat about the Party's future, said I'm not religious and don't want a political party pushing a religion on me.

you said that or the Republican?

A grammar checker I once had caught my l-o-n-g sentences. Now people who read my stuff have to do it.

I said it, and saw no sign of his disagreeing.

Tom, the marriage equality fight is not over yet.  It will wind up in the Supreme Court, and based on today's rulings, I wouldn't take anything for granted.

However, your point is well taken.  The change over the past 5 years has been awe inspiring.  After about 50 years of struggle.

I would, except for one minor detail. Everyone who knows me already knows I'm an atheist.

Then, Pat, tell people who don't know you. They will remember you.

Honestly. Not a bad idea! I'll do it.

Yeah....everyone who knows me at all knows I'm an atheist.  So I tell the Moron missionaries...just before I tell them to leave me the eff alone, and slam the door. 

My JW sister gets all weird when I do that, but she knows what I think of ALL doorbell-ringers with buybulls in their hands.  And she has not gone out "in service" in more than a year, anyway.  I wonder if she's creeping away from them...she was absolutely glued to the TV when the new "Cosmos" was on.  And had nothing at all derogatory to say about any of it.  (She did NOT watch the original version, but I taped it....) 

Do you suppose she's actually thinking?

sk8eycat, I'm wondering how the moron missionaries would react if you were to smile, say something like "Oh, I long ago put away childish things" and close the door.

Do you think they would recognize Paul's words in 1 Corinthians?

I'll have to try that statement on the next door-knockers that bother me.  Thanks Tom.




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