why hasn't this happened sooner?  much like the LGBT community, we have friends, coworkers, and family who don't know who we really are and that they know someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural.  once more people know that a person who they accept into their circle is a non-believer they won't judge atheists the way many currently do.  

let's make a commitment to inform one person every Monday that you're an atheist.  maybe on a national level, American Atheists or the Freedom from Religion Foundation could make it an annual day.  i'm thinking Darwin's birthday but i'm open.  and being open is the point.  there's little reason to hide anymore.  "the nones", of which we're a bigger part than tends to be reported, are up to 20% of the population in the U.S.  let's make sure people know they already accept atheists.  they just don't know it yet.  

on a community A/N level, let's make a club.  tell someone you know that doesn't know your beliefs that you're an atheist.  on a larger scale, let's reach out to national atheist groups and see if this isn't something that they would be interested in - a national Tell Someone New You're An Atheist Day!

what say you?  who's with me?

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Oh Spud, you touched a raw nerve!

Every couple of months, some people come to the front door, or the yard if I am in it, asking if there is a Chinese person living here.  It always catches me off guard - won't any more - and I say "Yes", but he's not home.  Then they hand me some literature in Chinese and leave.  It's usually Jehovah's Witless literature.

What pisses me off - the don't care to talk to me, always to that Chinese person - Ning, of course.  I guess, only Chinese souls matter to them.  They don't apologize for interrupting whatever I'm doing.  They refuse to say who they are or what they want.  It's this big secret.  They don't thank me for my time.

I always think after wards, what I should have said.  Initially I'm off guard because I'm too polite.  But at some point, I always know what it's about.

They are probably Jehovah Witless. I would answer "Oh, you mean Wan Hung Lo. He's not here right now." I doubt they would even see the humor. Dumbfounded they would leave.

The Witlesses think that I believe the way they do. That isn't so. It's just that I have some in my history and background. Another reason they may think I see things their way is that my intense Buybull study stands out if you talk religion with me. Knowing it and believing it are not the same.

i met with a nurse tonight (i'm a recruiter and she's a candidate of mine) who just left a place called "Christ Home" and i told her i'm an atheist.  she is a cafeteria Catholic so it didn't seem to bug her, but she was curious how it happened that i became an atheist.  one more person who knows and likes an out atheist.  i want to hear your stories.  



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