why hasn't this happened sooner?  much like the LGBT community, we have friends, coworkers, and family who don't know who we really are and that they know someone who doesn't believe in the supernatural.  once more people know that a person who they accept into their circle is a non-believer they won't judge atheists the way many currently do.  

let's make a commitment to inform one person every Monday that you're an atheist.  maybe on a national level, American Atheists or the Freedom from Religion Foundation could make it an annual day.  i'm thinking Darwin's birthday but i'm open.  and being open is the point.  there's little reason to hide anymore.  "the nones", of which we're a bigger part than tends to be reported, are up to 20% of the population in the U.S.  let's make sure people know they already accept atheists.  they just don't know it yet.  

on a community A/N level, let's make a club.  tell someone you know that doesn't know your beliefs that you're an atheist.  on a larger scale, let's reach out to national atheist groups and see if this isn't something that they would be interested in - a national Tell Someone New You're An Atheist Day!

what say you?  who's with me?

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Tom, I think the moron missionaries would recognize that scripture.  I would have when I was a moron, and I wasn't even a good scriptorian (Is that a word?).

Is scriptorian a word?

Idaho, how can it not be a word?.

In the OED, a scriptorium is a room set aside for writing and scriptoria are two or more such places. In Latin, the um and a are singular and plural endings.

Pushing my tongue firmly into my cheek, a modernized name for an inhabitant of scriptopria would be "scriptorian".

I love word play.

Sounds good Felaine.  I hope she's thinking, mostly for your sake.

do it any day.  or every day.  say "hey, did you know i'm an atheist?"  then move on.  

I'm with you, Matt, and think this is a good idea. I was hiding my atheism from my bosses, but I believe they found me out and this is why I'm not working right now. I had a good record and they are big theists.

As for telling someone new that you are atheist, I told the man who owns the property next door to me just last week. He's not religious and knowing my belief must not bother him. He is building a 3 apartment complex next door to me and still keeps some of his tools on my back porch.

Hm-mm, he trusts an atheist?

sounds like he may be one himself, Mike.  

For a couple of years I was part of a local skeptics group.  One member liked wearing atheist-theme T shirts for her mall walking and other outings.  She said she had both positive and negative reactions to her shirts.

my niece is now aware of my atheism.  while on vacation my mother was going to church and jokingly asked if i wanted to join.  when my niece asked why it was funny my sister said "Uncle Matt is an atheist".  not with derision, mind you.  yes, they are all Christians.  she asked a follow up question but i didn't want to get into it in front of my family.  actually, it came up the day before when she asked what the 'A' on my hat stood for and i told her it means i don't believe in magic.  i got into slightly more detail but i guess she didn't get it.  now she knows and she still loves me!

Good for you, Matt.

I'm at my daughter's yesterday and discussing atheism again and it really upset my son in law. He knows my background and can't believe I "gave it all up." He had a religious background himself but found Jebus again while he was in prison. He got angry this time and my daughter had to explain for him some of what I was talking about. I'm proud of her for that. Once my son in law says "you need to present some evidence of this." I told him he didn't understand what I was saying. I'm atheist today because there is no evidence of god and the Bibble is all made up.

Fortunately we parted company as friends again.

Michael, YOU are not the one who should be asked for evidence of a negative...it's the True Believers in the invisible world who need to provide proof of their cockamamie beliefs.

"Outrageous claims require outrageous proofs." Carl Sagan

Got a visit from the Jehoovers Witless' yesterday.  I said I was indoctrinated into religion when I was too young to think for myself, but I finally broke out of that brainwashing, and I hope you can too.

That didn't seem to phase the female.  She just launched into her memorized spiel, so I answered everything she said before letting her get very far, and she gave up in a few minutes.



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