Today I sent this to my Republican legislators. I'd like to know whether or not you agree.

As a Republican, you stand responsible for this administration.

Public Citizen warns of Trump’s extremist corporate agenda. Many critics point out how this administration is remaking the government to realize Dr. Lawrence Britt’s 14 identifying character­istics of fascism. The rapid-fire push on all fronts, since Trump’s election, to transform our government toward fascist authoritarianism only makes sense to me as execution of a well-thought-out plan. Right wing think tanks have boasted of a plan for years, but we never imagined their strategy was the equivalent of a coup.

The Nazi/Axis takeover in the forties posed only political, cultural, and genocidal threats. Our corporate coup today unfolds as more than 60 scientists warn that we have only three years left to prevent dangerous climate change. Institutionally prioritizing profit and upward wealth transfer over survival depends upon pernicious rejection of science, fact checking, and truth.

Individuals often exhibit self-destructive behavior when faced with a reality too painful to bear. “No! My child isn’t dead!” “NO! I don’t need to evacuate, because I’ve lived through hurricanes before.” It’s a shared self-destructive pathology for an entire culture to be so unable to cope with the pain of losing both white supremacy and a bountiful Earth that it embraces a false reality promoted by fossil-fuel corporations.

There’s no historical precedent for the federal government denying reality on this scale. It’s collective temporary insanity. Framing the alt-right corporate coup as politics-as-usual, as the Democratic Party still does, enables civic self-deception. Even just framing this as a Fascist coup accelerates our demise, because everything, literally the future of mankind, is at stake.

Individuals can exhibit suicidal failure to cope with a truth too painful to bear. Suicidal-failure-to-cope grips our entire nation by the throat, and soon enough civilization as well. Will the Koch Brothers and The Heritage Foundation be our Jim Jones?

I doubt you signed up for fossil fuel corporations to destroy the planet when you first joined the GOP. The party has gradually become malignant since then. It’s imperative to reevaluate your support for their agenda to overthrow democracy. I urge you to rethink where you stand in history from your most wide-ranging moral perspective. Cast aside the shackles of corporate donors to champion your constituents and your descendants.

The letter to my Democratic Senator lacked the first sentence, of course, and had this final paragraph:

I urge you to take the lead in the Democratic Party, challenging them to face their danger. If loyalty to corporate donors fosters caution, or the Party adapts too slowly for structural reasons, it won’t just be illegal immigrants’ lives at risk. The NRA has a "recruitment ad" that’s really a call for white supremacy and armed insurrection, deliberately crafted to stir anger and fear. Trump tweeted a video of him assaulting a man with a CNN face. The Atlantic’s Editor In Chief warned that because people "hear over and over again from the president that the reporters, journalists are enemies of the state… someone is going to do something violent against journalists in a large way,...". Five months in we almost have stirred-up “rogue” armed assault on the free press. Perpetrators will ascend to join the alt-right hero pantheon, like Stick Man.

Trump openly admires Rodrigo Duterte's vigilante tactics. How long, do you think, until Democratic legislators are on the menu, fulfilling some think tank schedule? Is it so hard to imagine new videos popping up, portraying “patriotic” snipers targeting Trump’s legislative “enemies”?

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They won't like it, Ruth ... but SOMEBODY has to say it!


I agree with Loren, but agree that somebody has to say it. Your first sentence puts it right where it is --"as a Republican, you stand responsible for this administration." The problem seems to be that they all want to appease Trump and not take responsibility for what is going on. The first action of getting anything back to normal would have to start with Republicans taking responsibility for the chaotic state everything is in. Instead of doing this they all seem to talk a line of distractions similar to the Orange One.

It's time to wake up and realize this is not a game.




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