Tennessee GOP State Senator Likens Obamacare Sign-Ups To Nazi Death Trains

Stacey Campfield just another ignorant, self-serving, stupid asshole that Tennessee Republicans put in the state legislature.  



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I live in Tennessee, and let me tell you, it sucks. The damned Republicans were hollering the Democrats wanted death panels just to cover their own tracks. It's really the Republicans who want death panels. They want to take away social security, medicaid and foodstamps. They know this will cost lives, and they simply don't care.

I'm a resident too and yes I agree it sucks.

Republicans are ike a bunch of monkeys throwing shit at a barn.  Sooner or later, something might stick.  So over and over again, that's what they do.  All of their bizarre pronouncements, made up facts - also called lies - and all of their screaming and hollering about stuff is just a bunch of monkeys doing what monkeys do.

What makes me sick is that a lot of people like monkey antics and vote for them.

I don't think Republicans are one of the smarter monkey species.  Or one of the cuter  types.  Maybe macaques.

It's sort of like that theory of random chance, if you have an infinite number of monkeys sitting at an infinite number of computer keyboards, for an infinite length of time, at some point one of them is going to write the software for WIndows 8.0.

Except with the Republican shit-slinging monkeys, if there are an infinite # of monkeys slinging shit at an infinited # of barns, at some point one is going to say "Look - that shit looks just like the Virgin Mary!  It's a miracle!  That monkey is a genius!  Or both!"  When the rest of us know it's just shit stuck to a barn wall.

Daniel, I had a dream last night. It looked like a few particles of dust came into my room. I rubbed my eyes and there they were just supported in the air. Suddenly I heard a voice say, "don't you recognize me? I'm the Virgin Mary." I had to admit that her appearance had changed over the years. I was also wondering how particles of dust could be supported in the air and how they could talk. She told me that I make things too complicated.

Michael you have great dreams. Why cant I have dreams like that? I always dream, I went to work and forgot to put on my pants.
Do these fools even know how ignorant that is? I think if they did they would stop it already. Like the Bengazi (sp?) crap they keep harping on.

Yes, "we are all gonna die in Fema concentration camps." (I've heard it too.) Who is protecting us then? Is it GOD?

People are so confused on Obamacare to the point that my own stepfather says that is the healthcare plan that I chose. I'm almost 68 years old. I'll give you one guess as to what healthcare plan I have. Here's a hint. What "plan" does most people my age without money have?

I go to the page with this article about the senator and I see another problem. It says down by the bottom of that page that "American has the best healthcare system in the world." That's a lie! Google it to see. The truth is, America has the best healthcare "technology" in the world. See what a difference it makes to simply remove one word.

Bingo! American health care ranks just above Cuba.

What I really find to be amusing is how often the GOP like to use shocking “Oh No! He didn’t say that!” kind of metaphor as a means of comparing things that share little or no similarity.

A Tennessee state senator thinks it's unwise for the Obama administration to brag about how many Americans have signed up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, likening it to the Nazis touting how many Jews were shipped to concentration camps.

Even in the rest of the article Campfield never managed to clear up how the two compare. Maybe next time he’ll try for something even more shocking like,
Republican senator likens Obamacare to getting a barbed wire enema”.

The Republicans are becoming unglued, because of the very fact that Obama, care or if you will the ACA, is actually working beyond expectation at a number of levels.

This quote from Paul Krugmam (Nobel Prize In Economics) and New York Times Columnist)

"The really big policy news of 2014, at least so far, is the spectacular recovery of the Affordable Care Act from its stumbling start, thanks to an extraordinary late surge that took enrollment beyond early projections. The age mix of enrollees has improved; insurance companies are broadly satisfied with the risk pool. Multiple independent surveys confirm that the percentage of Americans without health insurance has already declined substantially, and there’s every reason to believe that over the next two years the act will meet its overall goals, except in states that refuse to expand Medicaid."

Republicans = Fascists

i've come to the conclusion that the GOP and it's supporters have become a truly dangerous and scary political party, replete with it's own propaganda network and web allies.  why the public is so forgiving is beyond me.  after the gov't shutdown the polls reflected deep disapproval of Republicans, but a mere 3 months later that diminished.  they get caught blatantly lying, saying awful shit, and going against the wishes of the American people and it seems that their punishment will be getting more control in DC.  i suppose this means people aren't really paying attention.  

maybe it's b/c they aren't in power on the national level, but what about the states?  just to offer a few examples:

  • Duke energy polluting the fuck out of NC
  • abortion on the verge of disappearing in Mississippi
  • Kansas and New Jersey having their credit ratings snipped
  • a Texas town getting blown to hell by an unregulated chemical plant
  • creationism in science schools all over red states

what happens if they win total control of the federal gov't?  i have a feeling their toxic stew of ideas will meet swift backlash among the American people - yet i fear they won't care and it could pave the way to a truly fascist state.  they're dangerous, and i wish more people knew it.  

Matthew, what you see before you as evidence before you is the relentless strangulation of the republic by facist who embrace theocracy, neo liberalism, and oligarchy. This has been a process that started as a reaction to the liberalism of the 60's. Led by rich industrialists/John Birchers these fascist loving Billionaire joined far right evangelicals and by the Reagan era they had funded an array of propaganda mills in the form of pseudo think tanks like the Heritage Foundation and The Cato Institute.

With the rigged election of Bush,the propaganda machine had it crown jewel in Fox News (Richard Murdoch)and talk radio outlets spewing hatred on any and every aspect of a government by and for the people. The Koch Brothers(whose father was a big wig in the John Birch Society)and a host of new right wing, often Christian theocratic, billionaires are throwing now unlimited and untraceable millions into backing Tea Party fascists. How? Largely by stuffing the Supreme Court with fascist loving types.

Why is the middle class on the verge of extinction? Why is our privacy almost non-existent from the prying eyes of police and government agencies? Why are we in never ending wars fought by a professional military with unknown numbers of mercenaries? Why is our environment growing exponentially worse? Why do so many people feel the need to own military weaponry?

My friend these are characteristics that Orewell understood. Unfortunately, we failed to heed the obvious signs.

The religious far right in the United States relishes the day when they can behave like Taliban. If you want a sneak preview think the lifestyle of South American slums.


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