(I'm putting this in the politics section because creationists are using politics to push a religious agenda, so I guess it should fit here.)






Yup, it's the strengths and weaknesses of evolution trojan horse rearing its creationist phantom head.


For those of you who are not completely familiar with the strategy the creationists are employing, here's Barbara Forrest aka "Babs" here to explain the wedge strategy. If you are well versed on this subject, you should enjoy this if you have not seen it already, and even if you know Kitzmiller v. Dover front to back, or at least I think you would. :P


part 1 of 8


part 2 of 8


part 3 of 8


part 4 of 8


part 5 of 8


The rest is just Q&A, and will be listed in the side bar on Youtube.

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Creationism is not an alternative to evolution.  Creationism is a bunch of adults being willfully stupid.  Why should we force our children to also be willfully stupid.  I have no problem with people believing in really stupid things, I have a problem when they try to force others to believe those really stupid things as well.

So many people don't understand what the scientific process is, or how it works.


Some idiots out there seem to think Science is a room full of guys thinking up theories and blindly declaring them as fact.

(I'm about to rant here, and I know you all already know what science is)


Science is a process of strict observation and testing, where in any theory that appears to hold water is aimed at by hundreds, if not thousands of scientists all wanting to find a shred of evidence or exception to the rule that will blow a hole in the theory and sink the thing, making THEM the ones with their names in the history books.

No religion stands a chance at finding a hole in scientific theories, because scientists everywhere are already trying to do exactly that. Science is a perpetual process of trying to disprove itself.


Any scientist who is caught testing a theory with a bias that could affect the results, finds themselves discredited, never to be published again. Science has no room for personal bias.


The idea that Creationists could even consider the notion of Creationism being considered an equal to the scientific process absolutely baffles me, and quite frankly, causes me to lose hope in a good chunk of the human race.

It's more of a symptom of what we're experiencing here in the United States From the authoritarian conservatives rather than just humanity as a whole. Our village idiots are voting for village idiots rather than the most educated and qualified, but those people are godless liberal commie socialist Nazi Hitler Nazis.


We really are being assaulted on all fronts from the conservatives here, and many liberals are considering moving to a new country (I've considered it myself). These Fox News bible thumping morons deserve what's happening to this country, but the rest of us don't. I know that's not the right attitude to have, but I just don't see this country making a comeback. I see it getting taken back, far back to the fuedal past. :(

I think the root of the problem is expecting government to use force to tell others what to do. Liberals as well as conservatives are equally to blame for the hot mess that we find ourselves in here.  They both believe in state interventionist policies that use force to enforce morality on an unwilling portion of our society.
I can't even watch it.  It will make my blood boil.   How people can intentionally stay ignorant and then pass their ignorance onto their children is beyond me.     When are they ever going to realize that their "controversy"   is not science and not even valid and has no business in a science classroom.  Put it in philosophy class, but keep it out of science class.  I am ashamed to be American.


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