According to sources was passed by a majority of state legislatures and waiting for Governors'signature.

If True, why are comments not being made? 

This law, if true ,will be open season up Bullying here in the Sou

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From what I've read Tennessee has passed a law allowing students to bully gay students in the name of freedom of religion. I live here in Tennessee, and I have a gay nephew, but he's almost 34 now, and I'm glad he's not in school anymore. I think that this bullshit is unconscionable. I never did like this dark ages mentality State to begin with, with all it's insane Christian loonies. I wasn't born here and didn't ask to come here, but I had no choice in the matter, being 14 years old when my parents decided to come back to the land of their birth. If I could afford it I would split this State wide open on my way out of here and move to a more progressive State with a higher percentage of atheists and humanists. I hate this damned State with a burning passion.

Anthony, I feel the same about being transplanted to Ky when I was only a couple years older than you.  We're close neighbors, geographically, and the same dominant, overbearing, religious views apply here.  Maybe the early start near Chicago gave me more progressive views, maybe not.  I know it didn't and hasn't affected my four siblings who are fundies to their core. 

But...this is where my family is and it's where I'll remain for that reason.  Let's just try to open as many little minds as we can since we're here.

Here is a link to at least one story I found about this law.  This appears to be similar to a bill that was proposed in Michigan, having a clause which would permit bullying where a "sincere religious belief" was involved.  The clause was ultimately removed in the Michigan bill.

Why no comments?  Because Tennessee, my friend, the buckle of the buy-bull belt, where everyone is apparently supposed to be christian and if you're not, you deserve every bad treatment you get.  To me, this POS, as the one in Michigan, is a reflection of the fear of christians that they are losing power and influence in the face of increased tolerance and LGBT acceptance, and they clearly don't like it.  Frankly, I expect the ACLU to be all over this crap before the ink of the governor's signature is dry on the paper.

Nobody should be bullied, and I love the ACLU.

Link to article on the bill.

And these Christian hypocrites condemn Islam....They are one in the same. 

Horrible! Can people protect themselves from being bullied with the FSM?

If I do not like the fact that you are gay it should never mean that I have a right to call you names. I'm defending my religion because I'm calling you names. No, this is called bullying.

What's next? The right to run over the pedestrian who walked in front of your vehicle. Let's hope not.




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