So me and a friend (she's catholic) were talking about religion. I didn't bring up that I was an atheist, but I said I didn't want to say what my view was. Anyway she said "Even if you were an Atheist, that would be okay because I separate religion from the person". I said nothing.

Is it just me, or is that statement kind of saying an atheist is like the worst possible thing she could think of or something? I want to say a response later on, but I don't know what.

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I think what she means is that although she strongly disagrees with atheism, if you were an atheist she would not mean that she doesn't respect you as a person. The way she said it did seem somewhat arrogant though.


I personally wouldn't take offence to this, as I'd have to admit that I'm the same way. I have absolutely no respect for Christianity, but that disdain is for the religion, not the person who follows that religion. However, I can't say that I entirely seperate the two. I have slightly more respect for an atheist than a Christian.

I think I have to agree with David here... I don't think the person in question really intended an insult.


I have this kind of thing happen often and I have to keep reminding myself that I am fighting many, many generations of misinformation regarding religion. I have no control over how people were raised or how they've been lied to for so long. I can only push back gently and hope others do the same. Over time, and with help of the clear-minded, we may be able to expose the myths for what they are.


Do as you wish (obviously) but I recommend just letting it go. If she presses the issue, you may have to let her know that her being catholic doesn't offend you but you'd really rather not discuss it. :)

I think that was pretty big of your friend to say (for a catholic). Ignorant because atheism is not a religion, but its shows that she's willing to look pass her own bias. At least thats how I interpreted it. Good luck.
I'd just say "Me too" (i try to separate religion from the person)
Yes atheism is the worst possible threat to a catholic theist, worse even than if you worshiped satan, because the later at least validates her fantasy.
It sounds like your friend would have gotten an important education if she had learned you were an atheist.  A chance to see that atheists are everywhere and are really good people.  I know many of us have to bite our tongues once in a while, but also realize that you have the chance to make a difference one person at a time, just by being open about your beliefs.
I had a social circle in high school and college I would occasionally hang out with that were ultra Christian. There were four of them: two brothers, their childhood friend, and a close friend of mine that went to school with them in elementary. They all battled the worst damned personal demons. Every cliche Christian family thing you can think of, with a helping of drug abuse and just plain sexual deviance.

I don't like to look down my nose at anyone morally, but, I am fairly certain I am a much better person then any of them.

Anyways, I remember being at one of their perpetual parties and the topic of god came up (have to love drunken college discussions about religion). They were passionately talking about what they would do when Jesus returned or something. When they asked me something about it, I just told them I would team up with Santa or the Easter Bunny or something. You know, it was all just toddler pretend time to me. One of them, who I considered a really good friend (the bastard even literally saved my life when we were surfing once) went ape sh*t and went into a long tirade about how I was going to burn in hell and what not. The others dog piled. It didn't end in an ABC Family-like segment of me storming off or whatever, but the night didn't exactly end well.

Never hung out with them again.

Fast forward to last month, I stopped by an old neighborhood haunt to pick up some lasagna. I see that guy there. Still driving the same jeep from 10 years ago, but whatever. He is ever so polite and wants me to go to his brothers wedding. I smile and do the adult thing, chat with him, trade numbers.

Still not decided if I should be an adult about the whole thing and go, or blow him off.

Oh as a side note, I bumped into his other super Christian friend years before that was running a sporting goods store, and he gave me his new Christian hip hop CD. It was his face on the cover, looking skyward solemnly and pointing towards Heaven.

These guys. Maybe I'll go for the laughs.

Still not decided if I should be an adult about the whole thing and go, or blow him off.

Ehm, you can be an adult and blow him off. You are your own person and as far as I know you have no obligations to these people that used to call themselves friends.


Why would you play and pretend at a wedding and, more importantly, why would you think that's it's the adult thing to do?

Whoa putting words in a mouth.

Sorry Jeff Ramos, I didn't mean to put words in your mouth, I was just surprised by your remark (that I quoted), especially considering the experiences that you shared about these former (?) friends.


I'm surprised, so that's why I asked all those questions, it wasn't meant to push you in a corner or to put words in your mouth. I'm sorry if it came across as such, but I'm just honestly surprised/intrigued.

This is the kind of mealy-mouthed statement that classes with "love the sinner, hate the sin" that you get when believers talk about homosexuals.  Ultimately, it IS condescending and deserves to be treated as such.


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