This just happened.

50 people dead.

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I sent my wife a text on this earlier today. She agreed that it is terrible. With this attack and the recent Grimmie killing I'm pointing out that it's not safe to be in public any more. According to a friend of mine on this Florida shooting at the Pulse Club, the shooter just didn't like how gays were affectionate in public. Really? How will this mass killing do anything? Is the shooter so unsure of his own sexuality that he resorts to something like this? Maybe he is so stupid that he thinks he might gain favor with his god.

As time goes on the world is getting more crazy. There is no logic or reason behind bad events but that doesn't mean the shooter has any concept of reality. Deception causes these things to happen.

This has its roots in Leviticus 20:13 where the punishment, the way to "solve" the imaginary crime or problem of homosexuality, is killing the gays. To this day the LGBT community is still trying to prove that it should have right to exist, be left in peace, and be happy.

There would be little to NO homophobia without religion.

I agree. Religion is the cause of most of it, but those who go to this sort of extreme must have a very deep seated fear that they are in fact homosexual.

I think it's important that the gay target was probably a matter of convenience. It was a 2 birds with one stone situation. This appears, more than anything else, an attempt to bring Europe's problems to the US. If there were not this club, a subway, movie theater, or shopping mall would have done just as well for his purposes.

Talons, you might have it. Some of the news stories said this mass killer paused his killing to talk with police, as if waiting for them to arrive and stop him.




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