When I studied physics at my university at LTH I was terrorized by religious people almost every day even in classes where they sat behind me and used a method called gaslighting to disturb me.

The university never helped me and I even contacted the rector twice personally and asked for help.

I have now come in contact with other students that had similar problems but they never understood why they had such problems. It took me four years of investigations until I understood that it was religious people who was attacking me and I am quite sure that the other students were bullied by religious people but they never understood who they were. I know because they were bullied by the same methods as I was.

I am now trying to contact politicians, schools and so on to inform people what is going on at universities because I believe religious groups attack students that they think is a threat to their beliefs.

The bullying started when I was joking about a mathematical proof that god did not exist and to get back a deterministic physics and then by joking about conspiracy theories. 

It started 22 maj 1998 and was terrible the first 5 years but I can still get attacked by religious people. 

If you are to study at a higher level at the university please be careful when joking about religion. 

Master of Science in Engineering Physics

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I attended a Jesuit university for my doctorate training; we had many written assignments to respond to specific questions asked by the priests and professors. My papers always came back heavily marked with needed corrections ... and rewrote them to meet their specifications and did exceptionally well. The advantage to me was that I would take their philosophy, spit it back to them, knowing that I believed women had the right to choose family planning, abortion, divorce and remarriage ... things like that. I came out of the experience with stronger convictions. I learned how to spit it out. Ultimately, they won because they evaluated my dissertation as "biased" and I didn't receive a PhD. No big deal! I knew what I knew and got a lifelong skill of thinking for myself. I failed the Roman Catholic university, and succeeed in getting the education I needed for modern times.  

I have actually had a few run-ins my self with religious people at the University. I will sometimes get an Xtian that will oppose me teaching evolution.  I tell them they need to know the material for the test.




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