Henry A. Giroux draws us in, showing how neoliberal fascism reduces even desire and agency to market forces, subjecting us to a unique terrorism. Under constant assault, we become numb while they " strip citizenship from naturalized citizens and deport US citizens."

Neoliberal Fascism and the Twilight of the Social

The crisis of democracy has taken a lethal turn in the United States.

Substituting market values for democratic values, it [Neoliberalism] has economized and commercialized all social relations and subordinated human needs to the imperatives of profit making.

As the longings for wealth, status and power were elevated to the status of national ideals, the mood in America turned dark in a climate marked by despair, a culture of fear aimed at scapegoated populations, skyrocketing inequalities in wealth and power, and a vision that morphed into cynicism, anger and resentment.

 An attack on cultural differences has become the driving force of a toxic form of neoliberal fascism that mixes the cruelty of a market-driven system with an embrace of racial purity and social cleansing.

… a neoliberal formative culture that has redefined the very nature of subjectivity, desire and agency in reductive market terms. … a neoliberal culture that defines the citizen as the consumer of commodities, uses economic calculations to measure the worth of the good life, rewards entrepreneurship as the driving force of human agency, …

human beings can only be conceived as human capital.

… neoliberalism has reconfigured the state to maximize the disintegration of democratic social bonds and obligations, especially through neoliberal policies that test how far a demagogic administration can push a public into accepting practices that are as cruel as they are unimaginable. …constantly redrawing the lines of what is possible in violating human rights and promoting an ever-widening labyrinth of cruelty, destruction and disposability.

… neoliberal ideology … promotes a form of Social Darwinism in which misfortune is seen as a weakness and the Hobbesian rule of a “war of all against all” replaces any vestige of shared responsibilities or compassion for others. This punishing script constitutes an often unrecognized form of state-sanctioned terrorism that numbs many people

Neoliberalism produces a unique form of modern terrorism. The late Frankfurt School theorist Leo Löwenthal refers to it as a form of mass repression and self-preserving numbness …  a relentless barrage of ruthless policies  … that test how far … fascism can be promoted by the Trump administration without arousing mass outrage and resistance.

an endless series of political and ethical shocks  … designed to weaken the ability of citizens to resist … designed to normalize neoliberal fascist terrorist tactics,…

 Theorist Leo Löwenthal gets it right in his comment that this form of terrorism is equivalent to a form of self-annihilation. [emphasis mine]

image source, text paraphrase from article

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I am a gardener; that appellation implies certain attributes: paying attention to details, watching for symptoms, knowledge of remedies, the value of diversity, attending to the basics of clean water, fertile soils, and unpolluted air. There are several goals of gardening, visual beauty, nutritious foods, control of noxious weeds. I use my garden as a place to stop being busy and simply observing the growth and development of each plant in my garden. There is no monetary value in what I do; a garden requires a lot of work, even planning, careful management, and it can be the source of flowers, fruits, and vegetables to share with family, neighbors, and friends.

Living things matter, care for oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and the life that lives in them, the flora, fauna, those creatures that swim, crawl, and fly matter. Those people who came before us matter as do the events of history, recorded and lost to memory matter. People living today have intrinsic value and some are able to care for themselves and others need assistance, especially with the changing climate, rising shorelines, and deminishing snowfields. I am not born to care for myself, only, but to be able and willing to give of my abundance, whether it be for housing, food, access to health care and education. There exist laws that benefit us and everyone is bound to them, whether royal and servant, rich and poor, whether educated and not; we are a people of laws based on justice. Those laws that do not benefit all, that privilege some and not others, require challenges. We provide for those in need and that includes providing training for the unskilled, and jobs for the unemployed. We expect each man and woman to contribute to the welfare of the community by being self-sufficient to the best of each one's ability. 

I live grateful for the gifts given to me by nature and am determined to leave this planet in better condition than I found it. 


I am grateful for your voice here, Joan.

Good posting Ruth. I find this so strange that almost nobody finds what is going on today to be strange. So many want to claim that everything with Trump is just fine and hunky dory. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the hunt for "Lodestar" looms the Orange One even wants those in the White House and closest to him to take lie detector tests so it can be determined who this Lodestar really is. Nothing close to this has ever happened in my lifetime. People act as if it's all normal, and many forget that Bob Woodward is also a Republican. 

Yeah, Michael, it's almost as if the body politic has Stockholm Syndrome.




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