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Not that I give two shits about Terry, but screw Islam and their petty, little feelings of insecurity and woe! If your prophet can't take a little insult, he's not much of a prophet to begin with. Frankly that goes for any religion, if you can't take a little in the way of dissenting opinion, you're not all that secure in your beliefs to begin with and  perhaps they need to examine that 'faith' a little more closely. Answering any insult with barbarism speaks for itself doesn't it? It's childish, backward and frankly shouldn't be tolerated much less coddled the way it is in the media currently.

Agreed, booklover, about having slightly less feelings for that trailer trash Florida preacher than I would for an infected rat's amus. On the other hand, this petulant and pathetic display of 'my god has a bigger penis than your god' by the Egyptian prosecutor really is childish. Then again, so are those displaying their outrage over this obvious nonsense. Here's a thought. How about the prosecutor from Jone's jurisdiction getting a warrant out for the Egyptian prosecutor. Say, for starters, conspiracy to commit murder by threatening death for the free, albeit moronic, exercise of free expression.

Well I figured he would get himself into more trouble.

He is crazy after all.


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