Terry Pratchett's letter on the right to die with dignity.

If you haven't read what he wrote on assisted suicide, it can be found here.
The part at the beginning is just the reporter's commentary, the actual stuff by Pratchett starts a few paragraphs in.

How can anyone read this and still claim the sanctity of life trumps a person's desire to end it before the end?
(The cynic in me also says that as a well known atheist, we'll be hammered with deathbed conversion stories about him. In fact, they've already started.)

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I know I was heart broken the day I heard that Terry Pratchett had Alzheimer's. I hope he is allowed to leave this life with dignity, as is befitting any human being.

Thank you for the post.
Thanks for the link. It'll be a sad day when he dies, but hopefully it'll be at a time and place of his choosing.
Well put Sarah, frankly after watching what happened with my grandparents, my greatest fear around death is being trapped somewhere between the two states. Not being able to live my life, and not being able to choose my exit.

There are a lot of choices we make that are not really choices, but reactions. Keeping someone alive past their prime is a reaction of those living around them, and not perhaps that persons own personal choice.

My grandmother missed her moment, and I knew at the end that she regretted it, no-one wants to be treated like a child at the end of their life.
Thanks for this Joey. I had been hoping to attend the first ever Discworld Con (and I don't do sci fi and/or fantasy cons) because I love his work so much. I'm glad he's bringing attention to the right do die with dignity issue.


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