A Dean and Professor of Law from Jerry Fallwell's Liberty University testified before a House Committee that prohibiting gay conversion therapy is a violation of religious freedom.


California has outlawed this therapy because it has been shown to be harmful. The therapy has been condemned by many professional associations, but apparent the good dean thinks that religious freedom trumps science.

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I suspect that the good dean thinks all religion trumps science.

This therapy only "works" on bisexuals who are willing to repress half of their sexuality.

Tried that once ... didn't work worth a good dump ... and anyone who would try to superimpose that crap on me will very shortly wish they hadn't!

I'm pretty sure that they would just tell you it didn't work because you weren't trying hard enough .... quitter! ;)

Hey, it's my right to quit ... and if they want to force the issue, my right to kick their asses as well.

They think their religion gives them the right to take action against supposed "abominations."  What they forget is that those "abominations" are U S CITIZENS ... and that, funny though it sounds, they have rights, too!

Or, perhaps in simpler terms, your right to wave your religion about Ends At My Nose!!!

prohibiting gay conversion therapy is a violation of religious freedom.

It seems like a violation of freedom in general. 

If someone wants to try to become straight, they have that right.  They also have the right to ham themselves, if that's what the therapy does. 

The therapists shouldn't be allowed to make false claims, though. 

It's not just a matter of making false claims; it's about the "right" they are arrogating to themselves to (forcibly?) convert gays to straights, which violates the victim's patient's constitutional rights.

The horse still chooses to drink.  No one has the right to hold his head underwater and INSIST that he drink.

One of the problems with this was parents forcing their children into this therapy. The children don't have a choice.

A very good point, Allan, especially considering the rise of transgendered children and youth coming into evidence (witness the recent Time Magazine cover article) and doubtless the scores of upset parents wanting their children to be "normal."

It would seem as though the sex education of the United States still has a considerable way to go.

OK about not allowing children to be forced into it. 

But adults should have the right to choose it.

Certainly an adult who wished to have his sexual orientation changed (that IS what we're talking about here, right?) would have a right to seek out such treatment.  The question then becomes, who has EFFECTIVE treatment?  What success rates does a given program have, what are the metrics by which success is measured and Who Is Doing The Measuring?!? Somehow, I don't think you're going to find a reliable therapist of this sort on Angie's List!

As of this date, there is no such treatment program which has been demonstrated to have any independently measurable success in what may be deemed "sexual preference reassignment" ... mostly because I suspect one might as well try to convert a blue-eyed person to hazel...




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