Hey Everyone,

Wanted to stop in and say hi and introduce myself.  I'm a recovering Baptist, Southern & fundamental arms.  I'm a recovering RWNJ.  I grew up with questions, but always afraid to listen to real answers, like the Tower of Babel or Noahs Ark. But I was devout, I've read a lot of old school apologetics to get the answers I wanted or would suffice to get me past thinking about such complex matters.  But as I started to exclude particular religions and head towards non-denominational sects the answers still didn't come.  I went the literalist route with the bible and only believed information contained there, but a friend brought back up the Tower of Babel and Noah in my 30's and planted the seed.  My release was pretty dramatic, I watched Penn & Tellers "Bullshit" one night, it was on the bible and looking back I was somewhat apprehensive about even watching it.  Apologetics crept in and started to make me feel better until the part about Jews being polytheistic before the rise of the Abrahamic god.  Something clicked about the historical context of that time, and the events that didn't add up for me.  Within the span of about 20 seconds it suddenly hit me that the entire thing was a fiasco, that god wasn't real and the bible was written by a few people to control other people. 

It took me about 6 months to struggle with what that meant, and over the next 4 years I was content to read up on science and living life passionately with my new found freedom and incredible peace that seemed to take hold once I let go of god.  Until January of this year, then ever so slowly, I got angry.  Really angry. 

Instead of letting that control me though, I've decided to channel that anger and push myself to activism in my community and eventually the state to turn this creation loving, gay hating, RWNJ state into something a little less- godly. 

That's the short version, excited to meet everyone!

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Hey there Sam! I'm from Austin, TX. It is so nice to have you join the site. We have a group called Texas Heathens here on the site. I'll post a link to the group. There are many Texans here on the site.

Joined, looking forward to it. Austin has a great community with ACA and Non-Prophets/Godless Bitches.  I've grown a lot since January listening to those podcasts.  Hoping to make it up to Austin to see the TV show and attend the breakfast meetup on Sunday some time soon.

Greets and salutes, Sam.  We're glad you joined us!

Hello, congrats on your recovery! Waving from the Low Countries!

Congratulations, Sam.  It is encouraging to know there are a few like you in Texas.  Just wish there was something you could do about the textbook situation.  My evolution was much like yours.  As a child, I was always criticized as being "too curious."  Curiosity is very dangerous as far as religion is concerned so no wonder they want to squash it.  Religion never made sense to me but it took me years to make the next big step.  I live in the south, too, although wasn't a Baptist, thank goodness.  Welcome to AN.  You will certainly find kindred "spirits" here.

Welcome Sam. Great story, I'm sure Penn and Teller would be thrilled to know they helped.

"Recovering RWNJ", rofl 


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