What does a rational consumer normally expect out of a business?

Usually the answer to the question; Why should I buy your goods/services .

Are you sick of businesses that try to avoid talking about the consumer's needs, by turning their religious and conservative viewpoints into a Facebook circus or causing unnecessary drama over potential customer's sexual orientation? There is something wrong with businesses using irrelevant religious beliefs to sell their inferior products. They must be inferior relative to price, if a business owner has such little faith in their products that they must ramble about their faith in religion, instead.

Only a religious idiot who fears seeing a woman or homosexual in office over making rational purchasing decisions would buy this marketing ploy. This woman's actions say to me; "I am irrational, and assume other women are just as irrational."

Is it me or is the Looney Tunes motorcycle too ugly for words?

If you couldn't figure out what's wrong with this woman's thinking would you allow her to represent your product? Anyone can hide their approval of misogyny by breaking out the bible. Somebody needs to quit the self-esteem issues, and do her job!

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If you don't want to respond to future accountants, that's a choice. It's how you treat someone while they struggle. Being a doormat is not a value.




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