Texas gubnah leans heavy on prayer excuses. TX law/feds had by psychic chick. Looking lame there Tayhas.


'A political stunt'?
Rinehart had another concern that's been on his mind since he heard about Perry's invitation to prayer.
"There's power in prayer. I got no problem with people coming together and praying for their country," he told me. "Although, I'll be honest … I think Lutherans would be very suspicious or worried about the possibility of prayer being manipulated by a politician who happens to have presidential aspirations, 15 months before the presidential election. That would make some of us go, 'hmm.' I think God would be pretty upset with somebody using prayer as a political stunt, to cozy up."
Suzette Caldwell, who commended the governor's call to prayer, wasn't suspicious at all about his motives.
"I think the electorate is smart enough to know a political ploy," said Caldwell, associate pastor at Windsor Village United Methodist Church and president of the non-profit Prayer Institute. "I think when a leader at his level stands up and says 'we need help,' and asks people to pray, invoking God's help, I think that's a good thing."
Caldwell says she's praying for justice, righteousness, and healthy families. But she said the faithful should remember that prayer is never enough. People also need the courage to do God's will, she said, rather than "sitting on our hands, waiting for God to do everything." You have to help make it happen, she says: "It's kind of God saying 'tag, you're it.'"

LOL, all that prayer talk breath you wasted could have been used talking about real business; not the subsidizing of god(s)!?!?!? Hello. Texas is where the mental patients took over the tax dollars it seems... überlame.

--------------> meanwhile in vengeful mysticsville:


Liberty county judge Craig McNair, the county's top elected official, said the sheriff's office had received two calls from the person. The first came on Monday, directing officers to an address in Hardin, but after officers found nothing the same caller told police on Tuesday that they had the wrong house.
or the wrong myth busters episode! LOL

The Houston Chronicle has reported that police are investigating whether the woman had a grudge against the owners of the house.

"There's no validity to the report," another law enforcement source told the newspaper. "There's nothing that matches what the psychic said."

Wake up America n' world; gods and mystic bullshit has done screwed the lands/economies and common sense waaaaay too long.

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