This is an actually radio add by a gun store in Mason Texas for a concealed handgun license course.  It's the end that funny or sad or something.  The reason I've posted this to Atheist Nexus is at the end of the add he says he won't teach the gun class to Non-christian Arab or Muslims.  I was just wonder if he'd teach the class to non-Christian Atheists.  Not that any of us would be caught dead in a redneck, hillbilly crap hole like his store.  

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You've made me feel not quite so badly with regard to NC! I didn't think that was possible Karl! Thanks!

I feel bad for you that you live in a place where the local culture is so thoughtless and bigoted.  I would feel scared knowing that people around me may be carrying concealed hand guns.    I have a feeling he won't have a lot of godless liberals or "Moslems" wanting to take his course, anyway.

I would never go to a store like that! So glad I live in Austin.
That is NEVER go to a store like that - typing on my iPhone
I love Austin, TX!

Keep Austin weird!




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