not that this is breaking news or anything.  but it serves as a reminder of a growing trend in red states towards Theocracy.  this self-proclaimed "“10 Commandments Judge” is the latest in a growing number of elected officials who are open and honest about their desire to inject Religion into policy and law. 

one would hope that this judge would excuse himself in any case involving Church/State Separation, religious liberty, or scandals involving religious leaders.  one is likely to be disappointed though.  the Federal Courts will have to keep a keen eye on this guy, and his rulings will likely get protested often. 

all i can say is thank goodness that it's a Mormon on the ballot in November.  this would be a dangerous time to have an Evangelical candidate on the ticket.  the rest of the country might look like Texas in 4 years. 

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It's so incredible that we should be thankful for a mormon on the ticket.  Depressing!!!!

Depressing indeed.

One important problem with theopolitical power in a place like Texas is that it has outsized influence on things like school texts for the rest of us.  The social situation here in South Carolina is no better, but nobody pays much attention to us, and so the projected harm is mitigated.  From a South Carolinian to disgruntled Texans: Seceed already!  It didn't work out for us, but we only had cotton & slaves.  Y'all have Middle East oil contracts and a much larger port.





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