In the last (March 2nd) Texas primaries, the GOP had a series of six "ballot propositions." These asked Repub voters in my state to vote yes or no on such matters as whether there should be a national photo I.D., a spending control measure, and requiring mandatory sonograms for mothers thinking of an elective abortion. Yes, they hit all the bases and I have not omitted the most offensive one out of any mischief other than leaving it to last for dramatic effect. Get this:

"Ballot Proposition #4: Public Acknowledgement of God

"The use of the word 'God,' prayers, and the Ten Commandments should be allowed at public gatherings and public educational institutions, as well as be permitted on government buildings and property."

I thought these geeks were conservatives. It is not conservative to espouse such a thing, as it surely would be ruled an unconstitutional overstepping of the boundary between church and state. This would invite mass litigation, which is very, very expensive. It ties up the courts, and as conservative as the New Majority is on the Supreme Court, the Nine Nutty Professors have shown no inclination to agree with the religious right and their fellow traveler politicians that the church-state barrier is a "myth." Note that the onslaught of separation attacks coincide with the Texas School Board's decision to eliminate from history texts the name of Thomas Jefferson. For it was he who came up with the doctrine, saying that it was encompassed by the language of the 1st Amendment.

I am sorry to say I did not follow the results of the initiative voting and for that reason I want to ask another Texan (or wonk from any state) reading this to enlighten me: Did Prop Four pass? As Kurtz would say, "Horrible...horrible...."

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Governor Rick Perry recently proposed that the State of Texas secede from the Union. I'm in complete agreement. Get these fu%$*ng morons out of the US. Considering the amount of tax dollars Texas sucks from Illinois, New York, Wisconsin, and other more rational places, I say good luck - have a nice life - and get the hell out of my country!!!!!
Not all Texans are fu%$*ng morons. >.X You cannot group Austin, for example, with the rest of the red state when it's clearly blue.

Do you realize how bad it would be for all of us minorities living in Texas if it seceded? >.X I'm an atheist woman, half-Hispanic. I cannot imagine what life I would be living if the extremes were allowed to rule.
Whoa!, Jennifer. You make Austin seem the only place in Texas where people are sane. Granted, you have a lion's share of the enlightened (by which I mean freethinking), but even in such Cathevangelical cities as Corpus Christ, where I am, we have our fellow travelers. Most of us despise the man who suggested that Texas secede: Gov. Suit (a.k.a. Gov. Hair, a.k.a. Gov. Perry). I guess I am just a moron, too.
To the rational Texans out there, allow me to apologize about that rather harsh comment. Not everyone who lives in the Lone Star state is a moron. However, your State does seem to have an over abundant share of them, starting with your chief executive officer, and moving on to the State Board of Education who have decided to engage in making up their own history by excising Thomas Jefferson from school books, along with any direct mention of the slave trade in our collective antebellum history. I'll grant that there are imbeciles in every state, mine included. But the influence of Texas over re-writing a false version of American history into its textbooks has a direct influence over nation wide sales of those same texts in many other states. I just don't see that they should be allowed to export their willful ignorance and lies beyond their borders.
The Board of Education fiasco was caused by redistricting by Tom DeLay and the continued occupation of the governor's mansion by a protegee of George W. Bush, so go figure. What happened was that the Board was packed with conservative, religious right wingnuts and they formed an anti-abortion, Waspish, evangelical, creationist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic cabal that engineered the stripping from texts anything secularist, evolutionist, and liberal (to think nothing of leftist: Cesar Chavez was axed because he was a "socialist"). Jefferson not only was (as candidate Angle puts it) misquoted vis-a-vis his church-state separationist statement, he now never even existed. The T.S.B. approved texts took Jefferson out (and put the Moral Majority in) because Tom was "more interested in evolution than religion." Dear God, why must we suffer such fools? ;-)
Tayhas is too worried about nothing. Perhaps they, the old farts and haters that push the reverse button on society (and their own) need to understand the world does not revolve around them nor does having a make-believe savior-flying-ghost make a lick of sense; oil-greed, won't even start there. Murder City is a book to read. Weed Man is a book too 2009.
Texas is the top-dog in all that's lame w/old-world America nowdays; trudging down the path to obscurity with the holier than though garbage. I'll stick to kinda-modern America thanks very much.
Holy crap what all else is going on in my state. I've been out of the Texas Gone Crazy loop for a month..I come back to this narrow miss? O_O



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