Just a moment ago I started to type "TGIF!" in as my status update. In addition to being totally unoriginal, I realized it might also be somewhat inappropriate for an Atheist. Of course, even when I was a nominally faithful Christian I was not really thanking Jesus for Fridays when I uttered the ubiquitous "Thank God it's Friday." It's just an expression... or at least it was for me. Anyway, as I embrace my relatively new life as an Atheist I realize I may need an alternative.

So, who do atheists thank for Fridays? Of course, until Friday becoming the end of the work week I assume this saying was likely not in vogue. During the Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover called for a reduction in work hours in lieu of layoffs. Later, President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, establishing the five- day, 40-hour workweek for a broad segment of workers. So, whatcha think? Thank Hoover it's Friday!

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That's true. We could just make it "Thank Goodness It's Friday." And then we can still post our obnoxious TGIF graphics on our friends pages. ;) Plus it makes for a much shorter acronym than Thank The Flying Spaghetti Monster It's Friday!

Maybe more rare, but I have heard "Thank Goodness It's Friday!"

Hoobert Herver actually did something good during his presidency? Wonders will never cease!

I thank the unions, anarchists, and socialists for Fridays in the US, as it may have taken longer for the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to have been enacted without their efforts.




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