I was watching a TV show recently that featured a professional athlete who was talking about all of the success he had in life. He spoke about long days he spent practicing and about how driven he was to always be the best he could be. The person he was speaking with said "Congratulations you must be good." to which the athlete replied "I'm not good, I'm just blessed."


Comments like that always put me off. You hear it from so many people from athletes to movie stars to great humanitarians and everything in between. So many people working so hard to accomplish their goals and then so eagerly give the credit away. Many people see it as an act of grace but all I see is invalidation of their own effort. I always want to ask why they even needed to work or try if God was going to bless them with the end result anyways. Anyone else find themselves cringing at these statements?

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Oh of course... It is very annoying.


I feel really bad for the athletes on the other side of things that believe that somebody needs to be "blessed" to win. Its kind of like saying: despite all of your skill and talent, its up to god to determine the true winner of this game.

Yes, whenever I hear anyone say "I'm blessed" or "they are blessed", I just look at them funny.  It makes it sound like god has favorites or something.
Very good point Eugene!

If some people are "blessed", that also means that some people are cursed.


And that both are god's will...

  WOOO HOOO!!  You wrote about my BIGGEST day to day pet peeve!!!!! Drives me nuts!! Bad enough you have to hear it from every phony celebrity out there but you hear it on a day to day basis!!

   "Have a blessed day!"  NO FUCKING THANK YOU!!!.......was that too harsh??

As Jim Bouton wrote in his GREAT baseball book, "Ball Four": "They're my muscles, not god's."
I completely agree with you...and I would LOVE to be able to find an atheist doctor! :)
Nothing says humble like claiming that God specifically chose you!




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