I say "Romney" in quotes because it has become painfully obvious that the real Romney is nowhere to be seen, the Romney on the stump being a sort of cipher, a suit, or, as one wag put it, an automaton designed and built in Japan, begging Repubs to provide a provenance in much the same way that the more loony of their number called for Obama to present his birth certificate.  Now that Romney has chosen Paul Ryan as his running mate, at least there'll be real person stumping. All too real -- and downright scary.

The real Ryan wants to return us to the GWB fiscal policies of even larger tax breaks for the super rich, a return to "trickle down" economics, laissez-faire capitalism, anti-regulatory government that led to deficit spending on two foreign wars and other horrors.  Even disregarding the death-knell to Medicare as we know it, drastic cuts in spending on anything benefitting the poor and middle class, and other shocks to the system, there is another aspect to a Ryan run that should alarm all members of this community, one he spoke of during his speech in Virginia after introduction by the robot Romney.

During the speech, he said: "...America is more than just a place...it’s an idea. It’s the only country founded on an idea. Our rights come from nature and God, not government. We promise equal opportunity, not equal outcomes."  That's right, he injected something called "God" into the proceedings.  And the reference to "nature" is a coded message, one pegged to his religious beliefs, as it is primary tenet of Roman Catholicism that man has no rights apart from "natural rights," and natural rights are those bestowed upon man by a supreme being.  If anyone wants a hilarious send up of this ridiculous dogma, check out Robert Anton Wilson's Natural Law, or Don't Put a Rubber on Your Willy (1987).  Wilson points out that the church relies almost entirely for its anti-gay, anti-women, anti-birth control, &c. policies by claiming they are "against Natural Law."

In an epigraph, Wilson quoted A. E. Housman, which deserves reprinting here:

The laws of God, the laws of Man,
He may keep who will, and can;
Not I: let God and man decree
Laws for themselves and not for me.

— A.E. Housman

You might want to check out Ryan's voting record on all such matters, too; you'll find that he has a 100% homophobic & misogynist record.  It's clear he believes in the David Barton farce that holds that the founding fathers wanted America to be "a Christian nation," such that the way is paved for theocracy to be established on our shores, the better to deprive us of religious freedom, even perhaps the right to believe in nothing.  Fortunately, his positions on these things will be exposed by the Dems.  They have a new whipping boy to attack.  There's not much point in attacking Mittens Rumney.  The worst that can happen is that a part will be smashed, and the Chinese or Japanese factory that made him can ship in a replacement.

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OK. So humility ain't my strong suit. As to the latter observation, all I can do is quote former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meier. Even paranoids have enemies.

Or, as we hipsters used to put it in the pot-smoking 60s, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean nobody's out to get you."


Grover Norquist on what Republicans want in a President. 

"we just need a president to sign this stuff."

In other words, a rubber stamp?  Oh, SWELL, democracy in action ... NOT!

As opposed to the "democracy" we have now.??! We have more Executive Orders floating around than any time before. This guy is worse than "W" in that aspect. No budget passed in over 3 years.??!! A budget proposed by Obama that no one voted on? Does anyone believe that is possible? At least one Demoncrat would have voted along party lines. Truth is, the budget proposed by Big O was a fake that was not meant to be approved. As you may know in your own household, it is much easier to spend money without a written budget..a plan. That is what he wants. And all of you guys keep talking about deficits and spending while we are in the worse spending spree in history..?!! Seriously.?? Not to mention the fact that Obamacare has cut 700Billion from medicare already. Let's read up before we start throwing insults at someone just be cause they are christians. The social issues are the last things we have to worry about. No one is ever going to get a law passed that requires religion, or limits freedom..just ain't happening. However, people are passing laws left and right that cost us ALL money. Is Romney the answer? Most likely not, but Obama/BiteMe sure are not either. We gave him a chance and he "screwed" us. Period. Flame Away.!!

i won't flame, everyone is entitled to their opinion.  may i clear up some of your analysis? 

"Not to mention the fact that Obamacare has cut 700Billion from medicare already."

first, even with those cuts, Medicare is scheduled to be bankrupt in 12 years.  more reform will be needed.  but look where those cuts are coming from - the insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies, not recipients.  the $700 billion is not on the back of individuals, although some may lose benefits through medicare advantage, those are cuts to mostly unnecessary programs. it's a good first step.  those cuts are directly filtered into the AFA, which theoretically could make insurance premiums cheaper all around.  we'll see. 

"we are in the worse spending spree in history.."

take away the stimulus and TARP and the spending increase hasn't been bad at all, certainly not unprecedented.  you could argue those plans were a bad idea, but they had bi-partisan support and most think that while regrettable, they were necessary to prevent economic collapse.

"No one is ever going to get a law passed that requires religion, or limits freedom..just ain't happening."

maybe not, but overturning RoevWade is real possibility, or restoring/increasing national faith based initiatives, or limiting church/state separation. 

finally, how do you feel about eliminating the cap gains tax, the estate tax, and reducing the top marginal tax rate to 25%?  i think those are incredibly destructive policies that would cripple us economically, and add to the wealth gap in a meaningful way. 

what say you?

@ A Noni Moose: Your reply is so full of factual errors one does not know where to begin.  Just one of a good many: there is no "cut" in benefits in the ACA, but a reduction in amounts paid to providers.  This same $700 billion is batted about by Ryan, incidentally, but the difference is, Ryan cannot explain how he would not become a death panel. It has nothing to do with Christians,either.  It has to do with greed.  Ryan embraces Ayn Rand.  Learning of his Roman Catholicism, Ms. Rand would have had nothing to do with him.

Thought to chew on:

Romney chose Ryan to mobilize the Right Wing and the Teabaggers to his campaign.  Problem: by choosing a catholic and a Randian, who apparently shares Romney's current disgust with abortion, birth control and women's rights, who wants to dismantle restructure Medicare and give yet another windfall to the 1%, he has very likely caused a mobilization of the LEFT Wing of equal if not greater magnitude.

Ryan may have more on the ball than Palin did or does, but he may wind up being as large a mistake as the one McCain made four years ago.

Ryan is the most conservative vice-presidential candidate in the last fifty years. Republicans are hoping he is another Ronald Reagan in the making. Reagan was very conservative, but he came across as such a nice guy that the voters accepted him.

Over the last half century the GOP has been transformed from a big tent party that included fiscal conservatives and social conservatives into an extreme right wing movement aimed at reversing all the progressive policies of the twentieth century. For a long while it made little progress in gaining power—an occasional President, a few more members of Congress, and some governors—but the civil rights movement of the 60's gave conservatives an edge in the South which they gradually expanded to include the center of the country. Over the last two decades Wall Street and other large money interests have come to realize the advantage of having conservatives in charge of the government: deregulation of business and tax cuts that favor the rich.

Romney was not an ideal choice for the GOP, but his money overwhelmed his opponents in the primaries and they were a bunch of clowns. Still the party was unhappy with him at the head of the ticket although Wall Street likes him very much. The choice of Ryan was forced on him. He is now wedded to the Ryan budget plan and to other big money goals such as repeal of Dodd-Frank. Since the public has never bothered to learn what caused the financial crisis, the hope is that they can be confused into thinking that Ryan's policies are the answer.

Ryan is a deficit hawk, but he takes a strange path to resolving the problem. His first step is to make it worse with huge new tax cuts for the rich—lower marginal tax rates and elimination of the capital gains tax. Once those are in place, the only remaining option is to cut government drastically to reduce expenditures to meet the smaller revenues. Goodbye to Medicare and Medicaid.

I wish I had more confidence in the public understanding of these issues, but Romney and Ryan may convince them that they are actually saving Medicare as they destroy it. I do not expect the campaign to be an honest presentation of the facts.

In any case Romney is no longer his own man. He is tied to the Ryan plan and so is the whole GOP.

Astute and valuable.  I will copy this, make a .doc file of it, and put the url on Facebook and other sites. Thanks for the best analysis of the GOP ticket I have seen.

I think voters who do not have much yet still vote against their own interest and want tax cuts for the rich, subsidies for the churches and laws that maintain an unfair balance, embody what is great about Americans in general.


These people are so damned optimistic! They think they will be wealthy some day and they vote with this thought in mind, "These assholes aren't getting my money when I'm a millionaire!"


It is kind of sweet in a way, like when a seven-year old tells you he wants to be an intergalactic crime fighter.

There is a psychology behind voters going against their own interest which explains why they don't see it that way at all. It was aptly summarized by Ryan last October in remarks before the Heritage Foundation. Ryan characterized the problem in Randian terms as a struggle between makers and takers in American society. Makers are the hard-working and the rich who contribute to the economy and takers are welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, the old, the sick, and the poor.

This explains the opposition to Social Security which relies on payments from those who are currently employed to finance payments to those who are retired. It is, in their way of thinking, a socialist program that transfers money from the productive to the unproductive.

This view also explains their take on the financial crisis—that it was the result of giving mortgages to unqualified borrowers. They ignore the predatory lending practices and the OTC derivatives market that amplified the problem created by lowered underwriting standards into a full-blown financial collapse.

Furthermore conservatives believe that helping the takers actually hurts them in the long run, by making them dependent on government handouts. You do them a favor by ending the dependence just as you would take drugs from an addict.

This kind of emotional thinking has great appeal for many who are tricked into thinking that the reason they are not doing better is that the government takes their hard-earned income and gives to undeserving takers. That's why they think liberals and President Obama are socialists or communists.



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