in the latest attempt at messaging, a new billboard campaign is being waged in an attempt to...well, i'm not really sure.  make themselves feel better?  convert atheists?  take a shot at the Pope? 

i think it's a bit of a copy cat idea. atheist billboards make outright assertions, such as "there is no God."  which is a reasonable statement to make b/c no evidence exists to prove it wrong.  this, on the other hand, makes a declarative statement that cannot be backed up with evidence. 

if two people are looking at both billboards, a reasonable discussion might sound like this:


person 1:  this says there is no God. 

person 2:  well, is there evidence that there is?

person 1:  no.


person 1:  this says that Atheists are wrong.

person 2:  well, what evidence is there that they are?

person 1:  none. 

and i think that describes how ridiculous this attempt at messaging is.  they really really want to make statements that are as definitive as ours.  they just can't. 

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Another excellent link.  Unfortunately for me I live in Ky where the museum of ignorance is located.  When I travel farther south, past Nashville, the pro religious signs are a dime a dozen.  I'm afraid if atheist posted there the billboards would be removed before they were erected.  That's a place that needs an atheist influence.  Maybe it would at least get children to thinking outside of their parents narrow religious confines.

Hell of it is, the second conversation typically happens in a vacuum, which is to say, with no atheist to rebut or question their statements.  That way, their echo chamber remains undisturbed, as does the illusion of their rectitude.

One more reason why we need to speak up.

It's not as bad as one of their older ads. I remember seeing this on the side of a highway a few months ago.

Well, what would your witty rejoinder be?

Thank God there's no God ...

wait a minute. 

btw, lots of great comments from atheists in the comments section.  




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