Ugh. So, I'm watching the news coverage of the small plane and helicopter collision over the Hudson River today and they were talking to an eyewitness who was on the ferry coming back from the Statue of Liberty. The guy said he witnessed the wing being sheared off the plane and thanked God that it didn't hit the boat.

Yes, thank you, oh mighty Lord, that the wing didn't kill anyone on the boat. Nevermind, all the people that were on the plane and had nothing to do with that, oh mighty benevolent creator. Good grief!

Next, they'll be calling it a miracle that no one on the land or water was injured or killed. ::rolleyes::

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I see exactly what you are saying (almost afraid to watch news about it, tho). But, I have to admit, I say, "thank gawd" sometimes and I just dont think about it. Its cultural.

But the fact that the mainstream media continues to portray "prayer" as a solution for injustice is unforgiveable and stupid. Why would "gawd" let it happen in the first place?
From the tone he used when he said it, I'm fairly sure he meant it and wasn't just using the phrase as a colloquialism.
Our local news here in Chico CA is owned by fundamentalists and they use any excuse they can to plug jeeezus on the news. Every news cast has somebody thanking god for something. Every time someone dies or doesn't die, either way. Very disgusting.
eww gross
While in Toronto it happens too often, its not unbearable. But I kid u not, I cringe, then explode at my TV either in laughter or anger, depending on the situation. I should be thanking god that I'm still alive right now, and right now again, and right now... Gold Guy got it right "disgusting" Sadly I do say it sometimes in the OMG style but then I just gross myself out. Damn culture.
I would like to stress that I actively try to train myself everyday to not say those ill words by coming up with other alternatives to express amazement. Sometimes I dont have time to be creative so I'd rather say shit or fuck instead!! lol better than Oh My God



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