As the news organizations and many of the people watching, and even being rescued, thank "god" for making it out of the mine in Chile, let's take a moment to thank the people actually responsible, the engineers, scientists, and construction workers.

It seems like few are recognizing these people who worked for weeks to develop the tools to pull these miners to safety.

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That's for sure. God keeps taking the credit for other people's work!
The most disappointing aspect of what was an amazing rescue is the constant gratitude being afforded to god - not so much by the rescued miners, which is to be expected given the culture, but by the news reporters making a point of it every time one of the miners come up. The effort, invention and committment of the rescuers, the scientists, engineers and government agencies from all over the planet is what should be applauded not the non-effort by a non-entity.
A better effort by the "all mighty" would have been to prevent the cave in in the first place - but then he/she/it would have missed all that publicity.
I still can't believe that three preachers from three different faiths have the gall to think it's their power of prayer that made a difference. What egotism.
Thank God for those crafty engineers.
When god caused the mine to collapse, he blew it by allowing 33 miners to live through it. Now that humans rescued them, I guess he feels he the need to take credit for something.
When god caused the mine to collapse,
Do you mean those scientists, engineers and rescue workers were defying the will of god? Imagine the hubris of those people - they will probably burn in hell.
While they're busy thanking god, I'm shocked and appalled that they haven't also thanked the Earth for not closing in a little more.
I raged everytime I heard the disney-esque anecdote about there being a 34th miner, a "higher power" from the PC folks at ABC. Then they smile knowingly at the camera, like some invisible stalker was keeping everything cool downstairs. Never mind the foreman, who did his job of corraling 32 desperate people into keeping it together, rationing out food and the like. Then the monumental task of drilling down.

Was the 34th miner starved? Or did he tunnel up while the rescue team tunneled down?

Or did they eat him like a soccer team would?


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