I applaude Mr Obama for finally including us non-believers! It appears not everyone was so thrilled though......


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I am not even close to surprised, but what's the big deal?

All he basically said is that the nation contains non-believers. Seems like a factual comment to me. Sorry to tell these people but we DO exist and we ARE Americans just like them!

If you fundies don't like it, please, PLEASE feel free to go form your own country somewhere else... In fact, I'll send you a check to get you started. :)
Lol...I want to disagree with you on the grounds that I don't want to sink to their level but I just can't bring myself to do it because that was FUNNY! :)
Ridiculous. All Obama was really saying is that non-believers are one of the many groups that make up America. I wrote a polite email to Bishop Jackson asking whether he really meant to imply that non-believers aren't American.

Not that it'll do any good, but ...




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