Thanks But No Thanks: Rick Warren Says He's Praying for Obama "Because the Bible Says So"

No kidding.  Rick Warren, lukewarm on the president he honored with an invocation at the first inauguration, told Chris Wallace he prays for Obama because that's what Jesus would do.  Never occurred to him that (1) claiming anything relevant because it is in the Buybull is circular reasoning, (2) claiming that you know what Jesus would do is delusional and without historic basis in fact, again leading to the Buybull as the only written source, and (3) prayer has been shown, statistically, to not work most of the time and to actually produce collateral damage in any case.  Pray in one hand, crap in the other; see which fills up faster.  This is the same Rick Warren, mind you, who wrote that he grieved for the death of "my friend Christopher Hitchens," adding, "at least he now knows the Truth" (capital T, no kidding).

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Now tell us what you really think!  Har har.  Actually, I agree with 99% of what you say, but you don't take issue with my point that religions are businesses and should be taxed as such.  If a parishoner goes to the psychologist with problems, the mental health expert takes their money and pays taxes.  Why should it be any different for the Priesthood?  Warren is probably jealous of fellow con man Joel Osteen, since Joel has such a trophy Blonde Spouse and hauls in an estimated 10,000 congregants each week.  My dermatologist plays him while I am being separated from skin cancers.  Warren is much lower on the totem pole than Joel.  Joel makes a ton of money going from city to city doing TV spots for megachurch wannabes.  These people are selling myth and getting fabulously rich.  It is a deceptive trade practice. 

Funny, I can't find Barack Obama anywhere in the Bible, so I am fairly sure it doesn't say anything about praying for him.

Unless he thinks the President is hell-bound, or needs divine intervention to do his earthly job, not because he thinks the President is a heathen, atheistic Muslim socialist that needs to be shown The Light (tm).

Don't be silly.  II Centurians 23:43, "And there shall be one of light black skin and big ears rise in the western isles and he shall rule upon the prayers of the people."  Some non-believers have claimed this is a misspelling from the Koine Greek: it is not "prayers" but "preyers," which of course brings an altogether new meaning.  As you know, Koine had no punctuation, so "GOD IS NOW HERE" could just as easily be "GOD IS NOWHERE."  In any case, "preyers of the people" makes far more sense, considering the machinations of the
Black Brotherhood and especially the Romans.

Some of that sentiment is borrowed from the late Robert Anton Wilson, whose "Natural Law" is MUST reading for any non-believer.  He thoroughly debunks the notion that Catholics have peddled for centuries that there is any such thing as "natural law," by which the RCC means God's law.  Any good Darwinist knows, the two are mutually exclusive.  The Vatican's lobby groups work overtime creating Luntzian euphemisms for bullshit.

II Centurions? Is that the II Centurions from the Cylons' holy book in Battlestar Galactica, or is it an apocryphal appendix to the Book of Romans?

The writers of BSG stole this slogan of mine, I have used for years, in the spirit of the Christian Gnostics (some of whom I admire, incidentally, for turning the O.T. on its head).  To match my desire to deviate from the canonicals yet pretend to be quoting from the BuyBull, I hatched I and II Centurians.  Now, everyone is onto the game and using my slogan, drat!  I don't care.  Everything on the Net is public domain.  No imprimaturs. 


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