This video is an ongoing series. Link is via The Friendly Atheist.  Hemant Mehta's website is a favorite, I check it daily.

It's daunting to view the entire video.  It's a summary of that last month's religious excesses.

One comment - the headlines are not intended to headline the videos that follow them. They are inserted between other stories.  That caught me off guard at first.


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My reaction?  Disgusted ... but not at all surprised.  Thanks for posting this.

SB, you're right. It is daunting to watch the entire thing. And, one learns that while Catholic paedophilia hasn't slowed down, the RCC is in some serious competition with other religious child molesters and torturers. Yeah religion, thanks for your non-stop victimization of the helpless and delusional.

"We need a hundred and 50 thousand dollars."  Doesn't everyone?

Kind of shows them for what they are.  Fraud marketers.


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