I was in the car today on the way back from my aunts home in Riverside *I can't drive BTW* and I noticed this guy on the side of the road with signs. The letters were colored Red, White and Blue so I was about to give him the thumbs up *thought it was maybe something about supporting our troops* until I read them... something along the lines of "Give Yourself To The Lord" was written on 1 but he had about 5 - 7 signs with him. Also that saying sounds like a line in some sex scene from a movie set in feudal Japan or England during the dark ages.

Why so many signs? Posters are not big enough to fit all that mind numbing babble I guess, LOL. The funniest part was that he had so many that a few covered his face, seems like he's "hiding behind the cross" get it? XD

You'd have to see a picture or video of it to really know how funny it looked, too bad my cellphone was at home charging. If I can get a pic or video of him I'll update you all, hopefully I'll head up that way on erands tomorrow.

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Maybe he's an atheist that lost a bet with a Christian. lol
Must have been a fools bet too... thats not too bad of a loss actually, LOL.




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