Yet again the Fundamentalist Christian Republicans of the Tennessee legislature has shown their ignorance and disdain of science by passing House Bill 368. This bill protects teachers who allow students to question and criticize "controversial" scientific theories such as evolution.  Governor Bill Haslam says he will probably sign the bill.  This shows how cowardly the pro-creationist and anti-science Republican legislature and pro-creationist teachers really are.  The teacher can let a student who has been brainwashed by his parents and minister in creationist bull shit proselytize to his class on the drivel contained in his bible and at the same time condemn those who think differently.  The teacher is not held accountable by law in regards to teaching creationism which was band from public schools in 1987 by the Supreme Court case of Edwards v Aguillard because the STUDENT is just giving his opinion on the superiority of his religion and its dogma over actual science.  Please let Governor Haslam know what you think of this bill. If you live in Tennessee and want to sigh a partition asking Governor Haslam not to sigh the bill go to:

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A political cartoon during the original Scopes Monkey trial.  What is old becomes new again.

Good one Pat and so true.



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