The 70th and 65th Anniversaries of Two Books by Dr. Alfred Kinsey. Who Here Read Them and What Do You Say?

They excited and/or upset people everywhere, but decades passed before I read even paragraphs from either.

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In ‘48 I was a prudish (= envious of others’ happiness but jerking off at least daily) 12th grader in a Catholic school. In ‘53 I was a less prudish Catholic but in college studying engineering and too busy to read even parts of either. Dammit.

In ‘80, with a six-year marriage in my resume, I became a part time sex educator at San Francisco Sex Education ( ) with many other ex-Catholics) saying I was remedying 12 years in Catholic schools.

I may finally, from curiosity, read the Kinsey books.

I’m now reading a Kinsey bio ( Alfred C. Kinsey: A Life ) and according to it Kinsey was so fiercely independent that he all but refused to associate with anyone.

It being an ebook, searches on “crowley” and on “Crowley” found zero hits. A chapter titled Up Against the Wall refers frequently to Kenneth Anger but I have yet to read it.

The bio says Kinsey tried to collect far more than the US Post Office would allow into the country.

Kinsey’s relations with the Mattachine Society is interesting.




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