Here's a question I ask my religious friends - and it's one they've never been able to answer.

I'd encourage my fellow heathens on this site to give this a shot and post responses here. I'd be very interested to know if any sort of answer would be forthcoming.

My Alien test is rather simple. This is the scenario as related to a religious person.

1) Lets say humanity is contacted by or contacts an Alien species.
2) Conversing with them, we ask them about their religious views.

Now in response, we could get two possible statements

3) a. We believe in Allah/Yahweh/Hindu Gods, etc etc etc

In which case, am sure, every atheist, agnostic, non-theist and deist will reason that Allah/Yahweh or the Hindu Gods must truly exist and must be the Universal creator(s), since the probability of such a coincidence is nearly zero

However, if they say:

3) b. God? What's a God? We know how the universe came into being... In fact, here's a book which answers ALL your questions. Oh, and we can create life too! Here's how.

You humans are a funny lot! Believing in an invisible universal creator. 
(Note to alien high command: First retarded human phenomena noted within minutes of first contact) 

In which case will the Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews finally accept there probably is no intelligent creator?
Not likely.

They will close their eyes to the mountain of evidence in front of them and will ignore the fact that there is nothing God can claim is exclusively his domain any more.

Do let me know what you think - and the responses you received when you used this test.

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Hi again mate;) sorry if my previous post was a bit burdus. Me cranky today, but Sweden just took another gold in the olympics so me happy again. I asked a few friends of mine. My mormon friends said that it dont matter what aliens said since he Knows the mormon church is the only true church and that he knows in his heart that jesus Christ is our saviour and god. That was expected so I spoke to a few others, more or less same result except with my new age friends who ( more or less) said that if aliens follow a certain god it was probably so. If they didnt follow any god then they said they would accept that there isnt probably one. ;) cheers)
Not at all mate :-)
You can bet yer bippy that if 3) b. were the case the True Believers would quickly come up with yet another horse's ass rational to dismiss it.



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