In honor of the Easter season, I have a question to ask...


If Jesus was almighty and had the ability to turn water into wine and could walk on water, how come he just didn't come down off the cross, kill every Roman in sight and talk away laughing?

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That would have unraveled the whole 'Prince of Peace' message and turned it into 'Prince of Slaughter'.  Probably not as effective a marketing tool as allowing potential converts to live to be converted into Christians...saved, savior, etc, etc.  The language of forgiveness vs the language of revenge.  Oh, the message of giving eternal life plays a big role also...."Ye shall never die" was a big selling point. 


I suppose that a story in which Jesus died, was buried and rose again, is seen to be more imressive, (by some people), than one in which he didn't die, because he could not be killed.
If this story is true and this guy actually did exist and was actually crucified, then I suppose, the other hand, it is just possible that this guy was just mortal and unable to perform any of those miracles and so didn't have any choice in this matter.
Your questions brings to light an even more important question: if Jesus turned a pool of water into wine, would he still be able to walk on it?
No, but I think he could do the opposite: turn a pool of wine into water and then walk on it.  But definitely not the other way around.  It has to do with the composition of grapes.  And walking on perfectly good wine is a taboo that goes way back in the Old Testament.  You must have missed that part of the holy scriptures.  Isn't that one of the commandments? However, his dad could cause a parting of the water in the pool and Jesus could then surf on it and impress his party guests at the pool party.

Isn't that supposed to be the plot line of the sequel so many evangelicals think is coming out soon?




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