With the rise of the alt right people make comparisons to Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. There is no need to look that far back. Japan and Israel, who are American allies, are modern ethnostates that the alt right praises.

Japanese nationality and identity is deeply bound up in ethnicity. It is very difficult to immigrate to Japan, and the few who do are never allowed to become full citizens. Policies severely restrict entry, and business and social practice all hold with a sense of deep ethno-centrism. These policies and informal practices have managed to keep Japan more than 98 percent ethnically Japanese. Amnesty International routinely condemns Japan for racism and discrimination.

Japan enforces traditional gender roles and social traditions. It has a paternalist corporate economic and political structure. The alt-right is a misogynist opponent of feminism. In Japan 3% of women hold board seats and 9.5% congressional seats vs 19% in the U.S. for both. Here the alt right also aligns itself with Japan.

Japan is essentially a police state and has a conviction rate of 99%. Trump supports police stop-and-frisk policies.

Japan's emperor still retains a semi-divine and authoritarian status. There is only 1 political party in Japan.

Richard Spencer also compares white supremacy to Zionism. That is a touchy subject, but the fact is that the alt right cites Israel as a model ethnostate. It is difficult to live in Israel without provable ethnic heritage.

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