Just heard about this new game show that Jeff Foxworthy will be hosting. > http://www.9news.com/news/article/284427/343/Jeff-Foxworthy-takes-o... 

Can you imagine the fun we could have with evil bible verses? I thought this show was a joke, but it's not. 

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I saw an ad for it.
Yeah - its no joke.
Evil bible versus - yeah imagine that.

This will certainly contain only all the feel-good hokey, the highly selected stuff.

One of their stats that flashed on the screen makes me wonder. Do you think 84% of americans have a bible in their home? That just seems unlikely to me. 

I have one ... ONE ... and I'm pretty sure it's neither the KJV or the Revised Standard Version, but one I got from a coworker about 30+ years ago.  Can't remember the last time I cracked it, either!

Damian - I have two - the King James and the Oxford study edition, but that is because I am a literature professor, so need them.

I have several including the Oxford Bible Commentary and The New Interpreters Study Bible.  The Oxford Commentary and the NISB seem to be taboo among the fundamentalist because they were written by liberal Christian Theologians and Bible Historians which to the fundies are all heretics or atheist.  I use them to rake havoc with the fundamentalist claim of Bible inerrancy and I know when I've hit a nerve when I hear either "I will pray for you" or my favorite "Enjoy hell god hater"  

I guarantee there won't be anything in the show that will make any Christians question their beliefs.  I'd like to see a similar show hosted by someone like Penn Jillette and with the nasty bits of the Bible included in the questions.  Or how about a true or false portion in which questions are asked like "True or False:  The canonical gospels were definitely written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John".

And throw in a curve ball, something like: What is the difference between the canonical gospels and the synoptic gospels?!?

oh my, True or False would rock with Penn Jillette. 




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