During an episode of HBO's The Newsroom, fictional news anchor Will McAvoy did a considerable piece on the TEA Party and what he thought had become of it in the light of one Dorothy Cooper of Chattanooga, Tennessee, who may be barred from voting due to new anti-voting-fraud legislation.  He supplied a considerable number of quotes to back up his assertions, both from TEA Party lights who opine on the nature of the foundation of the government of the United States and also from the founders of that government, who offer a somewhat different point of view.  He then sums up where he sees the TEA Party as standing and applies to them the less-than-complimentary moniker: American Taliban.

Frankly, I like The Newsroom a lot, and I'm looking forward to its second season, coming this July.  In promos for The Newsroom, I've noted that McAvoy and company are going to be taking considerable flack for their anchor's pronouncement in that one broadcast.  It would seem that someone in that world has an unsurprisingly thin skin when it comes to being called a spade when one is indeed a spade.  Needless to say, I'm intrigued to see what becomes of the Atlantis Cable News team with this turn of events.

I was also curious to discover just how far the term "American Taliban" had caught on, to get some idea of how much resonance that phrase has generated.  I pressed Google into service and got about 391,000 hits.  Very notable among those results was the very first link listed, from the Adulthought community at the University of California at San Diego.

I invite and urge you to watch the YouTube video and look at the UCSD link above.  Yes, I know I've talked about the American Taliban before on this forum, but seeing those quotes on the video and the site all together, seeing all that hatred and bigotry in one place ... it disturbed me ... enough to want to bolster my previous effort about this matter and put more flesh on its bones.

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Excellent program. The wife and I can't wait for the second season to start.

So TEA Party stands for....  Taliban Entering America? 

Yes! <grin>

Another good interpretation of an initialism: Harry Truman described the GOP as Guardians Of Privilege.

Well, after all, it is ... God's Own Party now, isn't it?

I think that something that needs to be remembered here is that the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already?) WAS originally a grass-roots organization.  Unfortunately, the Kochs got their hooks into it and from that time forward, it was compromised past the point of any credibility as regards independence.

Of course ... maybe I should let Will McAvoy and his troops lay out what happened here:

Personally, I'm NOT confounded ... I'm pissed off!


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