The anti-Disney book that really needs to be written for kids

You know kids that the princesses, princes, kings and queens that you see in movies like Frozen and Cinderella were beautiful and handsome but weren't nice people to us common folk or the poor, Many were really very bad, mean people who bossed us around, and punished us for speaking up and telling them we were hungry and couldn't buy enough food to feed ourselves or our kids,

Those beautiful princesses and queens and those handsome princes and kings had all the money and we had little or none. They had all the beautiful castles, the servants, and the businesses.  We had none of those things either.  We had to work hard for them just like we were slaves. So we finally revolted and threw them out and brought in a new kind of government called democracy that had no kings or queens, princesses and princesses. We called it America.

So when you watch Frozen or Cinderella, remember that those movies don’t tell you the truth about what is good and what is not good. The real beautiful things are the ones that give us fairness and treat us nicely no matter how much money we have. Their called democracy and America.

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The unfortunate thing is that many kids watch the Disney stuff and grow up continuing to believe this crap as an adult. I'm sure this is why many marriages fail to work. Dating sites are full of women "looking for their prince charming." They use these actual words, so how in the hell would anybody keep them happy?

who said anything about censorship?  I'm talking about expressing a point of view that is critical of Disney. Am I not allowed? Are you censoring that point f view yourself?

Don't you think kids need to know why we live in a democracy and why we gave up monarchy?  If you want to steer kids away from fantasy, the kind that theocrats around us always are feeding them, this is a good place to start. I think we should acknowledge that, yes there were some very nice things about that way of life but also many very bad things about it too and we gave it up because the bad was so much greater than the good.

So, let us only have documentaries and not have fiction entertainment ever.  Seriously Eric.  There is nothing wrong with watching fairy tales.  Hell.  Many feminists grew up with those things  and, by your logic, none of them should have ever become feminists.  You want them to learn about monarchy?  It is called school and reading books.  People don't go to the movies to learn something.  

Susan, I agree with you for the most part, but when I was a kid I went to the movies because I was crazy about the MGM musicals they were turning out then (and we had no TV in those days). 

I had already read The Wizard of Oz before I saw the  movie...I liked the book better.  Books have always been my first choice.....

I think they also need some truth, Susan. I'm for fantasy but more like the Star Trek variety, which did push some good values. I think we can dispense with Kings and Queens and move on to something much better. 

What part of that is what schools and reading history books did you not understand?

unfortunately that's where they get a lot of their propaganda

that sounds a lot like "just let the religious enjoy their holidays. don't disrupt their illusions.what harm does it do?"

So all those people who go to conventions dressed up as there favorite character or learn fictional languages are somehow harming people?  I grew up with fairy tales.  How have I harmed anyone by it?  Why don't those things harm?  Because they aren't institutionalized like religions are. 

I'm talking about kids entitlement to truth. 

So, if fairly tales exist then kids are no longer entitled to the truth?  How is the fact they exist somehow stopping this?


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