I just posted a long opinion piece, so I'm going to balance it out with this bit of fun sky trivia. I have read that if you observe the moon, every night, in a place with clear skies, that you will see mostly the same features every time (the same spots and landmarks). This might give someone the impression that the moon doesn't rotate, but this astronomer says different:




I also found an easy to understand diagrammatic explanation of this phenomena in a book titled "Out of The Blue" by Naylor.




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I remember having a discussion about this with someone once.

I hadn't actually ever been told why the moon is synchronized with the earths rotation, but I took a best guess at it and I was spot on. It's not hard to comprehend why the moon is in sync with the earth... or all other moons for that matter with their respective planets.


... and then theres some Christians out there who still can't comprehend how it's illuminated. lol.


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