"The US (and especially the big banks) are handling the economic impacts very poorly. At least as far as the majority of people are concerned."
~ Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity. 

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The rich are slime and instead of behaving responsibly and encouraging the use masks even makeshift one for one and all they could have nipped this pandemic in the bud. Keep in mind that the Medical Mafia is 20% of the US GDP and money clouds their vision and science take a back seat. They wanted this fire to burn for a while so that they could manipulate stock prices and buy bargains. This is a money grab. The medical sector dwarfs the energy sector. 

There will be a vaccine for COVID 19. CHA CHING!  There will be tests. CHA CHING! The cost of the quinine based drugs will sky rocket. Just like they have done with insulin for all the fatties. 

There will be a massive transfer of wealth.

The Medical Mafia may not have started this fire but they most certainly fanned the flames. I think they may have started it. I say this because 70% of medication sold worldwide are manufactured in India and China. 

There should be massive blood draws in recovered patients to harvest the antibodies. Antibodies can't be patented by big pharma. 

Trump is a turd but I think he may be correct about chloroquine. He also said with some accuracy that parts of the globe with the lowest incidence of illness are also areas plagued by malaria where quinine based medication is in wide use. Trump also pointed out that most patients who eventually end up on a ventilator eventually die. 

The 1% is going to own even more wealth when this thing ends.

I'll wait to learn the usefulness of chloroquine with or without zinc. I noticed that in the US 80% of COVID-19 patients on ventilators die, but in the UK it's only 66%.

It may depend on when and how the chloroquine was administered. It's interesting how Boris Johnson came bouncing back after being on death's door,  Given the fact that the Medical Mafia in the US is slimier than in the UK. Maybe the FDA and the CDC was giving certain patients placebos, 

Choroquine works in China, Japan and North Korea.Doctors are saying it works when combined with zinc. They should do a double blind study of 1000 patients. If it even cures 10% it is IMO worth it. 

What else could it be? Unemployment is tanking out right now to go higher than in the depression era. Trump's stock market gains are all lost and that market was a manipulated market in the first place. Now they want to raise prices on oil because that market bottomed out. Not only are we not going anywhere, we also cannot afford to go anywhere. Some of the Fox News finest think older people are willing to die so their grandkids can live. This is repeated in Texas by Lt. governor Patrick. The business model in this time of COVID-19 is "us first" and it is shoved down the throats of all of us daily. We are constantly reminded of business as usual and the Democrats want to run an election with that in mind. It didn't work for Hillary but now that we have the worst president ever we want to repeat this idea to help insure his re-election.

The top 1 percent do not care anything about you and they repeatedly ask if you want a new loan, new app, new car, or to re-finance as they make it all so very plain. Our country is in the toilet with no way to get out unless our old system is flushed in favor of one that appears to be working well in other countries at this time.

The other thing is, during the Clinton era when we had a balanced budget and dept reduction there was prosperity for everyone and the rich also did great but since money is power the rich felt threatened. The theft started in the Bush years with the tax cuts to the filthy rich and the repeal of Glass Steagal. Clinton signed then Banking Modernization Act which got rid of Glass Steagal and allowed banks to steal with immunity. 




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