Have you joined the Atheist Census? Go to:-


Numbers matter. Be Counted. The Atheist Census is a project of Atheist Alliance International.
You need to submit your email address to have your contribution acknowledged.
It then gives a breakdown of accumulated participant responses.

Give it a look-see, and join in if you're interested.

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Just out of curiosity, why do numbers matter?

The Democrats campaign adviser said that we (as twenty percent of the populace) are not a constituency. That statement was just as egregious as Mitt Romney's 47%. We are bigger than any other minority group. My White House petition to draw the notice of our place in society and rights (which drops dead on January 10) has drawn a whopping sixty signatures. What numbers? Those in power and privilege do not care about numbers, they care about followers and money.

I questioned them about this, as IP addresses can be traced, how will this data be used? To what end? Is their server secure (it has already putatively been hacked once).

As of yet no answers, and I value my privacy. A privacy statement on a Website is not security. Security is what you do yourself to maintain your information securely. A massive database of E-mail addresses, which should not be required for such a census, is a target begging to be stolen by spammers and worse.


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