The Atheist Community: Some perspective please.


I'm a noob to this site, as well as to atheism as a "cause" (raised atheist and never thought much about it until recently).

I started by reading works by Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris et al.  Also Susan Jacoby.  I found them interesting and thought-provoking as well as causing my blood to boil (which I THINK was their main point, after all).

Now that I am looking for a "community" of like-minded fellows, I have run smack into what seems to be an internecine war.  It appears to my eyes that the community of the godless is very fractured and divided between followers of the "New Atheists" and other groups, such as Atheist+ and others who have their own singular points of view (eg. PZ Myers).  Accusations of "rape", "white privilege", and "being out of touch" seem rampant.

Without trolling or trying to start a "Flame War", can someone lend a fairly unbiased point of view as to what is going on here?

This is all reminding of advice I once received from my Hang Gliding instructor, who indicated all the various pilots gathered on the top of a mountain, waiting to fly and said to me, "Everyone here has an opinion.  Your job is to figure out who to listen to."

Thanks for your time.

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Ha Ha Michael, you being an a-hinduist means you deny a whole series of godhead avatars. Well done, that strikes up more points than just denying a monotheistic god.
Most monotheists are a-hinduists, a-Mahayanans, a-Buddhists, a-Confucianists, a-Taoists and a-Shintoists.
So we often point out that they are atheists to when it comes to all those.
Even the ancient Romans considered Christians as and even called them Atheists.

So they are all atheists as well.

It becomes a Reducto Ad Absurdum fallacious argument.

It's all just subjective label making as you have already pointed out.

And an a-SOB is no longer an SOB or was never an SOB.




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