You know the Jesus fish, the ichthus? It came about because Christians had to keep their religion secret. They would draw one half of the fish on the ground and if the other person completed the fish they knew they were free to talk about Jesus, bake sales, and banning gay marriage.

We need something like that! I mean, we need to live in a world where atheism is treated with the same respect that religions are, but we don't live in that world and have to compensate.

Do we have a symbol like that? Any suggestions on how we could make one?

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I have the scarlet 'A' on my car, from the Dawkins Out Campaign. I like it because of the symmetry with the Scarlet Letter novel. The only other sticker I have is my college. It's just a shout out to my peeps who would recognize it, to show solidarity.
This my secret atheist symbol. I have the sticker on my truck and even have it tattooed on my left shoulder (the left wing, you see....)
I got a warning from my Norton Security program when I opened that jpg.
Yes, I probably will get in trouble with fellow Atheists for sharing this but one of us will draw a upside down V, then the other person draws a line across the middle and passing the left edge a little ways and making it into an A
Simple and fast. Every Atheist should know about this
I really like the Atheist Nexus swooshy 'X' symbol. If someone were to make that into a necklace, I'd be more than happy to buy one. It seems subtle, identifiable, and easy-enough to draw.

My second vote is a the stylized IPU. That's also simple to draw and has a catchy story with it.
Hi Eric:

When I watched the film "Milk" I felt as though Harvey was telling me to come out and admit that I was a non-theist. I think that the outstretched human is the symbol. I put it on my site anyway. I came out about it with my husband after "Milk" He was concerned but I had him read the Humanist Manifesto and he said that that's pretty much what he believes too.

I came out online but I would still not say it straight to my mother because it would upset her too much and she's ill. Albeit if she read about it or someone told her I wouldn't deny it. The film "Milk" changed me. I couldn't hide anymore after that movie. In fact, I need to write about it;-)

Click on our page link and you'll see the symbol. I think that this is it.
Wow. Though I'd already come out (so to speak) about my atheism, I remember that movie inspiring me to do the same thing. Interesting to see it wasn't just my interpretation. Personally, I relate to the plight of homosexuals because their persecution is almost exactly the same as atheist persecution. It's all based on fear, ignorance, and bigotry.

I reject the idea that atheists aren't a group. Sure, we don't go to church and we don't have any tenets (besides the big one), but we do share a common thread that binds us together. I can't wait for the day when we use that to our advantage and start coming out en masse. There is strength in numbers, cousins...
I think we should use an extended middle finger because that represents how we feel about most of the world.
Hee hee...

No offense, cousin, but I don't feel that way. I do sometimes (like when I'm surfing YouTube or Yahoo Answers) but for the most part I feel people are good. That's why it pisses me off so much when people are shitty to each other. The hardest part of being a humanist is putting up with blasphemers.
I was thinking atheists should use the American sign language sign for the letter A, but it looks a lot like the black power sign.




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