You know the Jesus fish, the ichthus? It came about because Christians had to keep their religion secret. They would draw one half of the fish on the ground and if the other person completed the fish they knew they were free to talk about Jesus, bake sales, and banning gay marriage.

We need something like that! I mean, we need to live in a world where atheism is treated with the same respect that religions are, but we don't live in that world and have to compensate.

Do we have a symbol like that? Any suggestions on how we could make one?

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There is an old school iidb (now frdb) post that collected hundreds of secular/nontheist logos. Very interesting to look through. National organizations (, also have good ones if you want to be specific. The Scarlet A of is by far the most widely recognized unaffiliated general atheist logo and will most likely continue to be so. I'd definitely support that logo.

Oh, you're talking about the religious equivalent of Gaydar.

I find that when I am in a circumstance where I want or need to discuss religious matters the best tact is to be as respectful of religious beliefs as possible but still speak frankly. It usually becomes apparent where the other person stands without a lot of beating around the bush. In any other circumstance it really shouldn't matter where the other person stands on religious matters unless I am feeling a bigot myself.
I agree, the need to hide a belief system nowadays isn't what it was but having our own code isn't a bad idea anyway. If one draws the long oval from right to left, then anyone who crosses it with a long oval from top to bottom will be completing the symbol known as the atom. Just my two cents.
I like that one. That is all.
I vote for the "A in a circle".
We dont need secrets, truth, honesty and openess will prevail. We are winning. Dont panic;) Doing it secret is going backwards 500 years. Then again Im Swedish. We dont have this problem. Here the Christians do the secrecy;) cheers
I dont think he's asking so much as a complex symbol as designed in photoshop, as he's asking for a simple and easily re-created object via fingertip.

As such, I say we simply do the following.

Or some other symbol we can all agree on.


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