You know the Jesus fish, the ichthus? It came about because Christians had to keep their religion secret. They would draw one half of the fish on the ground and if the other person completed the fish they knew they were free to talk about Jesus, bake sales, and banning gay marriage.

We need something like that! I mean, we need to live in a world where atheism is treated with the same respect that religions are, but we don't live in that world and have to compensate.

Do we have a symbol like that? Any suggestions on how we could make one?

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Darwin fish?

The "Atheist A"?
Much as I love the Darwin/Evolution Fish I don't think atheists should use them. Perhaps if more people understood the meaning of "satire" they would be acceptable, but some Christians seem to seriously think that evolution is a religion and Darwin is our god. So, uh, no fish please.

Here are some other possibilities:

The Invisible Pink Unicorn: "The Invisible Pink Unicorn (IPU) is the goddess of a parody religion used to satirize theistic beliefs, taking the form of a unicorn that is paradoxically both invisible and pink. This makes her a rhetorical illustration used by atheists and other religious skeptics.

The IPU is used to argue that supernatural beliefs are arbitrary by, for example, replacing the word God in any theistic statement with Invisible Pink Unicorn. The mutually exclusive attributes of pinkness and invisibility, coupled with the inability to disprove the IPU's existence, is intended to satirize what IPU proponents claim are contradictions in properties that some theists attribute to a theistic deity." - Wiki

American Atheists Symbol: "The American Atheists logo, based on the atomic model. Officially, the letter 'A' in the middle stands for America, commonly used to refer to the United States. It would, in theory, change for expansion into other countries. The open-ended vertical orbital signifies that not all is known yet." - Wiki
I like the Invisible Pink Unicorn!
" There is no. "

Like the ichthus as reported, in that it can be used in a two-step procedure to denote safety to talk about a topic. Starts off " There is no ", leading, presumably, due to atheists not being theists and the topic and whatnot, to " God " at the end, but with it not existing and all, the word may be left out, so a period ends the sentence and that's that. It's weird as hell, and thus useful.

As for car signs, I think that prying the jesus-fish off of soccer moms' minivans is enough. Or adding legs to them with white-out. vandalism for the win, apparently.
I like the infinity symbol, you know, the 8 on it's side. Simple, symbolic of infinity and all possibilities.

Personally, I like the Flying Spaghetti Monster
I have that exact logo painted on the back window of my car with white shoe polish. One of my friends thought it stood for "Full Service Massage"! I told him I'm something of a specialist in "backseat massage"!
That is hysterical!
At a Star Trek convention? ;^)

This one always gets a chuckle out of me.
When the anti-Christ reveals himself to the world, it will be on national TV and he'll pull open his button up shirt to reveal a t-shirt with that logo. I hope someone Tivo's it.
Oh yeah, this one made me giggle!


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