What is your impression on either writing, or having an Atheist Manifesto?

Just wondering...

Viva Atheism

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There are a number of atheist manifestos.

As long as it's "an", rather than "the" manifesto, it's fine with me. Claiming to write the only atheist manifesto would be very presumptuous.
That you couldn't do better than this.
"Homo sapiens wards off death by abolishing it."

Whew ... there's a mouthful all by itself!
Read the introduction - it's brief, but beautiful.
I did last night and just again this AM. It sets an intriguing stage, and I'm curious to see what follows.
You can judge atheist books by the negative reviews. The OK stuff has theists frothing at the mouth. The stuff that really hurts they trivialise. Do they ever trivialise this (and Onfray himself, who's not a real academic).
Marvelous! OnFrey may not be a "real academic" but he certainly is a poet
and appears to be a scholar. (Sigh), more business for Amazon and less discretionary time for me.
I have added this to my serious reading list. (Not the "I think I might read this, and will say I care" list).

The opening really delivered the author as a worthy intellectual.

I anticipate further eye-opening truths about life.
We could use the "non-players of basket ball" manifesto as a boiler plate, or perhaps the "non believers in the great celestial teapot" - as I understand it that is a very large movement.
As long as you call it 'An Atheist's Manifesto'

I can express my atheist manifesto in a sentence; "I do not believe gods due to lack of evidence"

If I wanted to express a persona manifesto based on various views and philosophies to which subscribe,I'd probably need a few thousand words:







Moral and cultural relativism

Structural functionalism

Theoretical Marxism



---to name a few

NONE of the above are implied by or may be inferred from atheism, although many atheists probably subscribe to at least one of the ideas.




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