I'm one of those blogging freaks who uses a bar on both sides of his template, so im finding the atheist nexis badge is a we little wide. Is there a way to adjust this? I can't reallt adjust my blog around it.


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You need to buy a bigger computer.
I'm not sure that helps.
I agree. For my blog I was able to adjust the size.

1. Chose the small badge
2. Copy the embed code into Notepad or other text file viewer.
3. Find the part of the code that says: width="206" height="104"
4. Change it to something like: width="160" height="81"
5. Embed code on your page.

Thanks! _origwidth="160" _origwidth="160"
Thank you very much. Very much appreciated.
If you please teach me how to use those horizontal bars on my page,
I'd be grateful.

I can't get the badge to show up on my wordpress blog at all. I paste it into a text box and... nothing.
I am looking for the same, no help out there it seems




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