With good reason. They're finding it increasingly difficult to make the universe obey their math.

Like the theocrats in Galileo's time who refused to look through his telescope at the night sky, the Bangers in our time refuse to look at the evidence for an electrical universe.

Have they any evidence for their claims? Inflation? No. Dark Matter? No. Dark energy? No.

That the cosmic microwave background radiation is an echo of their Bang? No.

That black holes exist? No. That weakly interacting massive particles exist? No.

That massive compact halo objects exist? No.

That magnetic field "lines" exist, and these lines tangle-up, merge, open and reconnect? No.

Strings? No. Eleven dimensions? No.

They've been inventing all that woo to make the universe obey their mathematics.

They have the woo.

You can get the facts via a free PDF download from www.newtoeu.com

Or you can visit www.plasma-universe.com

But you don't have to. You can have a life, and in time watch the Bangers fall.

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Scientists have heralded a "whole new era" in physics with the detection of "primordial gravitational waves" – the first tremors of the big bang.

The "tremors" were found to have been caused by dust.

BICEP2 measurement of gravitational waves via CMB B-mode polarization

Proof of gravitational waves created by cosmic inflation is shown here in this image of the cosmic microwave background radiation collected by the BICEP2 experiment at the South Pole. The proof comes in the form of a signature called B-mode polarization, a curling of the orientation, or polarization, of the light, denoted by the black lines on the image. The color indicates small temperature fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background that correspond to density fluctuations in the early universe.
BICEP2 Collaboration

Physicists have found a long-predicted twist in light from the big bang that represents the first image of ripples in the universe called gravitational waves, researchers announced today. The finding is direct proof of the theory of inflation, the idea that the universe expanded extremely quickly in the first fraction of a nanosecond after it was born. What’s more, the signal is coming through much more strongly than expected, ruling out a large class of inflation models and potentially pointing the way toward new theories of physics, experts say.

Gerald, if you will google the term gravity waves and dust you will find the report in National Geographic that dust so obscured the results of the BICEP2 study that they cannot confirm that inflation happened.

Physicists have doubted the ex nihilo story, later named the Big Bang, since 1927 when the Catholic priest Georges LeMaitre used Edwin Hubble's red shift findings to support the Genesis account of creation.

The Eric Lerner book Michael mentions below can be understood by non-physicists, as can Donald Scott's more recent book, The Electric Sky.

To their credit, cosmologists have modified their early claims; they no longer say the entire mass of the universe once occupied an infinitely small volume with an infinitely hot temperature.

Mathematicians can legitimately use infinity in their deductive musings; its use is denied to physicists, who in dealing with reality are limited to inductive methods.

This, as they say tom is direct evidence of inflation. Dark matter? they're quite honest about their ignorance that's why they call it dark. Dark energy? the same, although relativity predicts an anti- gravitational force, indeed Einstein himself used the anti gravity as part of his original theory. The cosmic microwave background? George Gamov and Robert Dicke predicted the radiation found in 1964 as far back as the forties and even predicted the temperature -270 K. That black holes exist? if Cygnus X1 is not a black hole what's emitting the X rays? Do massive compact halo objects exist? most astronomers don't think so. But all candidates for dark matter have to be investigated, if they hadn't searched how could they possibly eliminate them. magnetic field lines merging opening and reconnecting? again theoretical but based on 150 years research. Strings are open to debate and they could well be just a mathematical curiosity but last time I looked more papers were being written about string theory than any other theory.

I don't believe in the Big Bang theory either. In fact I read a book called "The Big Bang never happened" by Eric J. lerner. It is a good book. The author says he is a plasma physicist and Among other evidence he observes that the Big Bang was invented by Christian scientists in order to make science jive with their Christian view of reality which says that the universe has to have a beginning, but actually, the universe has always existed, it currently exists, and it always will exist.

Michael, I too recommend Lerner's book.

After I read it I showed it to a man with whom I had spoken about science. His reaction surprised me; he angrily told me he had a bridge he would sell me.

I had a strange dream last night where all the scientists gathered at some lovely place where they defined their positions and defended them. Heat from the conflict grew and grew, the scientists got to the of wanting to kill each other. An elder couple witnessed the breakdown and stepped into athe middle of the physical fight. They brought three legged wooden stools with them and started a conversation between each other. They identified the pros and cons of each scientists' ideas, Began to weave through them by ordinary, every-day trial and error until they completed a plan that seemed workable. Some scientists liked ithe idea, others did not and started using "Killer Phrases" i.e. "It can't be done," "We have never doneit this way," "The rule book says to do it this way," etc. The old coupi picked up their little stools and moved out of the circle. They quietly chatted about other options that might work. They were not discussing physics, they were discussing process: How do we get from here to there in a non-violent way?"  "Without killing innocents or torturing, or invading, or genocide?"

Joan, scientists do sometimes let emotions rule and have noisy disagreements. Ditto for other academics.

Those who control budgets are known to deny or terminate the employment of people whose views differ.

I haven't heard of any scientists turning to other forms of violence, least of all to the mass violence used by religious folk or politicians, whose disagreements may arise from economic considerations.

Why does everything in the mainstream have to be so conspiratorial? Eric Lerner hasn't submitted a paper since 1990 the post COBE, CMB pretty much putting paid to his plasma cosmology. Since then its been all 'the big bang is wrong' stuff and little else.

Proof of dark matter, dark energy, Black holes, cosmic inflation, otherwise it's an electric Universe.  Echo's of creationism?




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